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What Are Some of the Best Ways to Warm Up for Winter?

This question was sent in by Mary F. of Great Falls, VA

Winter is upon us! ‘Tis the season for Christmas caroling, gift giving, and enjoying the cool weather indoors….wait, that last part isn’t right! During the holidays, our homes are meant to be warm and inviting, yet some of us feel like we’re stuck in the North Pole with our teeth chattering, walking around the house in our heaviest coat. Maybe your house is old, or it could be that your heat never really worked from the time that slick realtor handed you the keys to this “once in a lifetime opportunity!”. Either way, if you are consistently turning your thermostat up, Mary, it’s time to update that furnace!

Ask F.H. Furr: I am always cold, what’s some of the best ways to warm up for Winter?

There are those of us who are naturally warm people and being in a chilly environment isn’t a problem. Of course, there are others of the more unfortunate sort who fall into that dreaded category of the “always cold” folks. We are the people who walk into the grocery store, vigorously rub our arms, turn to whoever we’re with and whisper, “It’s freezing in here!” We are the ones who turn up the heat in the car when everyone else is rolling down the windows. Are you one of these people? Whether you prefer a normal temperature, or a toasty one, when you come home you like to know that the heat you feel is safe and cost effective. No matter what, no one wants their hard-earned money going to waste. So what is the solution? As we head into the coldest season, let us give you a tip about your gas furnace.

Many homes are heated by a standard efficiency gas furnace, but the fact is that they aren’t doing their part to put money back in your pocket. For those of us who like to save a buck (and that’s pretty much everyone), switching to a high efficiency heating system could be exactly what we’re looking for. Not only do these furnaces help save money every month, but they’re safer for the home. Since standard efficiency pipes are made of metal, they become extremely hot to the touch and can be dangerous. In contrast, high efficiency pipes are made of plastic, effectively keeping heat trapped inside. Financially, the higher efficiency gas furnace will make a difference because of a few tweaks in the design. The exhaust fans control the air flow, allowing the distribution of the air to be more precise. They are also equipped with two heat exchanges which condense gases, and smaller flue pipes, all of which help reduce the amount of energy needed to keep your home comfortable. The quality of your furnace may not be something you give much thought, until you notice that it’s on the blink! When you suddenly feel as though you’ve become the resident of an igloo, you can be sure a furnace will make its way to the top of your Christmas list!

Fortunately, here at F.H. Furr, we understand the “always cold” people, and we want to do our best to make your home a comfortable one. In fact, we’ll come out and give you a free home comfort system analysis. We’ll make sure your questions are answered and let you know about the best options for your home.

So if you’re beginning to feel that first chill and you’re not ready for a cold winter, give F.H. Furr a call and let us warm you up this season!

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