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Winter storm warnings are in effect for the Leesburg VA area…

… Are you prepared for winter storms? AVOID POWER OUTAGES AND THEIR HARMFUL EFFECTS!

Power outages are occur more frequently in Northern Virginia during the summer and winter months (The most important times to have air conditioning and heating, by the way) more than any other time of year. They can last for days and have uncomfortable and dangerous effects. One way to protect yourself is with a Whole Home Generator, you’re protected from disaster!

Whole home generators are becoming a popular way for homeowners to keep their homes safe and comfortable during long periods without power.

[hs_action id="5349"]Today’s backup generators are quieter, more reliable and offer the convenience of auto start technology and practically infinite run time. When power goes out, your standby generator automatically goes on. As opposed to a standard portable generator that needs to be rolled out of storage, filled with fuel and manually started, a permanent generator does the work for you. With higher power levels than portables, your family can maintain everyday necessities like heating, cooling, refrigeration and lighting, long term.

Have backup power generator questions? The experts at F.H. Furr Plumbing, heating and Air Conditioning can help you select the best whole home generator solution to fit your family’s needs and budget.

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