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Why You Need A Battery Backup Sump Pump

Rainy season is here, which means your sump pump is needed now more than ever! 

The worst time to find out you need a sump pump replacement or repair is during rainy season. This is because your chances of a basement flood increases immensely. Water can soak into walls, weaken your foundation, and cause poisonous mold and mildew to grow. Homeowners can waste a fortune each year…all from a simple power outage. And much of it may not be covered by your insurance. 

That’s why you need a battery backup sump pump! Battery backup sump pumps supplement primary pumps by giving you several additional hours of protection from water damage if your primary pump fails due to mechanical failure, power outages, or excessive use.

When the primary pump can’t keep up, and the water rises during a rainstorm, the backup sump pump works to protect your home from flooding. It doubles your pumping power, allowing you some peace of mind if you’re away from home and the power goes out. 

Now that you know a battery backup sump pump is necessary to keep your home safe from floods, please don’t try to install a battery backup sump pump yourself. Hire a professional to install it for you. It is very important that your battery backup sump pump has close to the same pumping power as your current pump and that it will fit in the space you have.

If you want to increase your peace of mind and never worry about a flooded basement again, schedule a battery backup sump pump installation with F.H. Furr! Even if we did not install your primary system, we will thoroughly check the entire system and let you know of any issues and our recommendations. Please don’t wait until a disaster occurs, and give us a call today! Our experts are equipped and ready to serve you. 

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