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Why to Flush Your Water Heater!

It is widely recommended by manufacturers that you should flush your water heater once a year. Its best to take care of it that often to avoid sediment developing in it which can likely shorten its' lifespan.

What happens when my water heater is flushed?
  • When your hot water heater is flushed, a hose is hooked up to the tank, the tank is drained into an appropriate container or drain (outside, utility sink, etc.) and then filled back up.
Does it need to be done by a professional?
  • While it can be done by professionals and we are always happy to do so, this IS something that doesn't require a call to your service provider! You can do this yourself and we'll tell you about how to do it, HERE!
Why does my water heater need to be flushed?
  • When you flush your water heater, it clears out a good bit of sediment and minerals in the tank. The build-up that this creates usually goes right to the bottom of the tank and creates a layer that makes it harder for the heating element to get to the water. This makes your heater have to work harder to heat which can shorten it's lifespan! The flush cleans a water heater just as an oil change cleans the gunk out of your engine!
How often does this need to be done?
  • We recommend having this done once a year just as many manufacturers do. If you live in an area that has hard water, then you might want to think about doing it more often.
If I don't flush my water heater, what can happen?
  • In addition to making your water heater have to work harder when there is a layer of sediment on the bottom, if you don't flush the heater, it could lead to sediment getting into the pipes in your home or even coming out of your faucets.

Some tasks included in taking care of your home are quite involved and may even be difficult. However, things like cleaning your water heater are a little easier and will greatly benefit you in the long run.

If you've read through this and think it's something you would rather a professional take care of, don't hesitate to give us a call!

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