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WHY? Common Furnace Questions: Part 1

Why is my furnace filter wet? 

We all know how important our filter is when it comes to our HVAC lifespan, trapping odors, dust, and allergens from entering your home and energy efficiency. If you find that your filter is wet I'm sure you are wondering what causes it and is that a bad sign for your HVAC or furnace system. 

  • The cause of this is your condensation line is typically clogged causing a backup. The back up is what causes the filter to become wet. The problem with this is the filter can’t do its job properly. Not only can it not prevent allergens and dust from entering your home, now the moisture might cause growth such as mold or mildew to occur. YUCK! 

Now, how do we handle the problem? The first step would be to call a professional in your area to fix the leak/clog and make sure that no other issues are going on or to catch them before they do. Once a professional has determined the problem, they can show you how to fix or preventative maintenance for the future. 

Why is my furnace so loud? 

First off, a furnace making a loud sound could be happening for a number of reasons. Determine when the furnace starts making the noise. Is it when you turn it on? Starts after its turned on? What kind of loud noise is it making? Whistling? Vibration or a rattle, does it sound like a car motor? 

One of the easiest things you can do when this is happening is call your friendly heating and cooling company to have it checked out. These systems can be hard to fix yourself if you are not familiar with them. 

  • Sometimes it can be just time to change the fan bearing. From time to time these bearings wear out as the system ages.
  • We hope this isn’t the case, but in some instances, oil builds up and causes an ignition delay. What causes this is oil builds up in the firebox and lights at the same time. This is SCARY and extremely dangerous! If this is the case, call a qualified company RIGHT AWAY!
  • A whistling noise might be a duct problem. Gaps will form in the duct that connects the duct and the furnace near the blower. 
  • Check your filter, if it hasn’t been changed in a few months, it becomes clogged and making the fan suck the air in from any crevice or cranny it can find. Remove the filter and see if the whistling stops, if it does replace the filter ASAP! 
  • The rattling or vibration sounds are typically one of the easier fixes. Check the ducts to see if any of them feel loose, add some screws to tighten them up. If hoses or other equipment seem loose, they can be tightened up with duct tape for a temporary solution. 
  • If the motor seems to be the issue, you will need to cause an HVAC specialist because this means the bearing are warn out and will need to be replaced. Sometimes, placing styrofoam under the cage will help with the bouncing until you are able to schedule an appointment. 
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