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Infographic: What To Do If Your Water Heater Starts Leaking!

Is your water heater leaking? Don’t panic! A leaking water heater doesn’t always require a costly repair. Call your local, friendly plumber to help get your leak fixed! 

Infographic with steps to follow if your water heater is leaking. Tips read as follows" Step 1. Turn Off Cold Water Inlet Valve  Step 2: Turn Off Electrical Supply If Its An Electric Water Heater  OR: Turn Off Gas Supply Valve If Its A Gas Heater  Step 3: Attach Drain Hose To Drain Valve & Drain Tank  Step 4: Call F.H. Furr ASAP Or A Trusted Plumber!"

Your friendly plumber will be able to help to determine if your water heater is fixable or needs to be replaced.

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