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3 Ways To Stay Cool And Save Money This Summer

3 Ways To Stay Cool And Save Money This Summer

The scorching hot weather is right around the corner! Be prepared with these 3 tips to cool off while saving money.

Tired of a pricy energy bill during the summer, but you still want to beat the heat? Look no further! F.H. Furr has got you covered with these 3 simple tips to keep you cool and save you money! 

1. Invest In A Smart Thermostat

In the summer, especially on sweltering hot days, it is easy to press the down arrow on the thermostat feverishly to crank up the A/C. Unfortunately, this is also the most efficient way to maximize your energy bill. One great way to cool off and save energy is using a smart thermostat to control your HVAC system. Program your smart thermostat to shut down when you leave your home and start back up when you return. By turning your thermostat back 7-10 degrees while you’re gone for the day, you can save up to 10 percent on your heating and cooling costs per year! 

2. Unplug Devices

Yup, it’s that easy! Even little appliances like lamps and chargers can generate a lot of heat if they see heavy use. Unplugging devices from their outlets or using smart power strips can help reduce energy costs and cool down your home by eliminating “phantom” or “standby” electricity.

3. Air Conditioning Maintenance 

Your air conditioning system accumulates dust and dirt during the year, making it less efficient and costing you additional money on your energy bill. F.H. Furr’s expert HVAC technicians will perform a complete 25-step home comfort inspection of your home cooling system to ensure it is ready to take on the summer months. The technician will also let you know if it’s time for a replacement, as it’s best to catch the problem early rather than being stuck in the heat! 

Want to learn more on how you can save money on your energy bill this summer? Contact F.H. Furr today to get one of our expert HVAC technicians in your home! 

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