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8 Ways to Save on Your Home Water Usage

During the summer, you become more aware than ever of how much water you use. Whether for your home or a commercial property, you use a lot of water to keep your property running and looking nice. Here are some tips on how you can conserve water in your home to help the environment and cut down on your bills.

1) Cut down on how often you do laundry. Run your machine only when you have a full load. This not only increases the longevity and efficiency of your machine, but it also means less water gets consumed in washing.

2) Fix any leaky faucets, pipes, or toilets. Leaks not only waste water—which adds up to a lot—but they can also rust or damage the area where the water drops fall.

3) Use collected water for your plants. If you have a dehumidifier or an AC with an outdoor unit installed, collect the water that drips and use it to water plants. This water is really good for plants because it’s pure without any chemicals and additives. Your plants will be super happy in the summer, and you’ll have used something that would have gone to waste.

4) Switch to showers instead of baths. Short showers use less water than the amount of water it takes to fill an entire bath. Do all your thinking and daydreaming out of the shower and save water. While you’re at it, also replace your showerhead with a low-flow one. The pressure feels the same, but it uses less water, so everybody wins!

5) Install a water softener. Getting a water softener installed means less water used in laundry, as hard water requires more soap and rinses, but soft water is also better for your hair and scalp.

6) Have a cold water supply. Keep chilled water in the fridge for when you need a drink instead of waiting for the tap water to cool. Also, use your fridge to defrost frozen food instead of running it under water.

7) Rinse dishes all at once. When doing dishes, turn the tap off while you soap all your dishes and rinse them all in one go.

8) Keep the water off while you brush. When brushing your teeth, turn the tap off until you’re about to gargle. Alternately, brush your teeth in the shower.

These simple tips require only a slight adjustment and mindfulness on your part, but they can make a huge difference. You’ll feel better knowing that you saved both the earth and your wallet. For further tips on water usage, AC servicing, and more, contact us at F.H. Furr!

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