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Vacation Season Is Here! Beware of Vacation Theft!

Summer! Just the word brings feelings of freedom, relaxation, and excitement! Especially after a winter like the one we’ve just been through! Although some of us remain just as busy during the summer, most of us are able to escape for awhile on a vacation that we’ve been anticipating since our last one ended!

As you read this, sitting at your desk or behind your computer at home with visions of palm trees, swimsuits and beaches dancing in your head, something sinister may be at work in your home!

During the year, as you are working towards your summer vacation, your A/C unit is working too. Unfortunately, if regular maintenance is bypassed, this means your unit is also working on its accumulation of dust and dirt. In the same way that you slowly put away money for your vacation, your A/C unit collects debris over time. This cuts efficiency and costs more in utility bills. You’re also looking at a greater chance of a system breakdown which could cost you hundreds! Beware of the vacation theft!

If you find yourself in this predicament, chances are, that vacation money you’ve been hoarding away is going straight into a new unit! If that thought terrifies you, it may be time to get your system maintenance inspection before this disaster strikes!

Benefits of Regular Maintenance:

  • Fewer breakdowns. 90% can be avoided
  • Increased equipment longevity
  • Improved efficiency
  • Protection from carbon monoxide leaks
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Keeping within warranty stipulations
  • Peace of mind
  • Service record documentation

Between professional maintenance visits, it’s a good idea to keep your system clean, which is something YOU can do to keep your system and home running smoothly!

With your vacation incredibly close, and the energy costs rising, maintenance could been the difference between a relaxing week in the Bahamas, or sharing a cubicle with Bob in Accounting. The choose is yours…but we have a feeling you deserve a REAL vacation! When you take care of your equipment, you’re really protecting your finances by looking ahead and taking preventative measures. Let F.H help your family this summer! And stop your A/C from stealing your vacation today!

Be sure that your A/C is fully equipped to handle the heat! Give us a call to find out more or to schedule your reliability and comfort inspection today!


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