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Now You Can Have low utility bills AND a cool home.

If you think having a cool home and lower utility bills is just an urban legend, think again. With these heating and air conditioning repair tips, you can survive the summer with minimal damage to your wallet.

  • Upgrade or replace your windows. Most of the “stray” air that enters your home comes through and around windows and doors. Make sure yours are up to snuff. If you own your home, consider replacing your existing windows with new e-Low models.
  • Buy a programmable thermostat. Instead of trying to remember to manually adjust the thermostat every morning before you leave for work, invest in a programmable version that you can pre-set ahead of time. Not only does this save money, but it also eliminates one more thing from your morning to-do list. We call that a win-win.
  • Insulate. Insulation isn’t just for winter! This is one of the most important heating and AC services to keep you cool this summer – don’t let that precious cool air escape. Pay special attention to basements and attics.
  • Plant a tree. One of the easiest heating and air conditioning repairs you can make doesn’t actually involve your HVAC system at all. Use well-placed trees and shrubs to block sunlight or create a barrier against wind. No matter the time of year, there’s a natural solution to fix your problem.
  • Close registers in little-used rooms. Your air conditioning system puts cool air wherever it detects hot air. If you close the registers and the doors to infrequently used rooms, your AC unit can more efficiently deliver cool air to the rooms you desire – without costing extra.
  • Turn off the fan. We know it’s tempting to do both, especially on scorching summer days, but pick a side: AC or fan. Your HVAC unit creates its own draft, so running a fan messes with the natural flow of your unit. Fan motors also generate extra heat.
  • Have your system checked regularly. By having your heating and air conditioning unit serviced regularly, you can avoid big problems and big headaches down the road. If you think the cost of a checkup is expensive, consider what you would have to fork out for a new unit.

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