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The Death of a Water Heater

The Death of a Water Heater

A warm bath or shower is quite possibly one of the most relaxing things to enjoy. But what if you went to step into that relaxing moment and immediately realized… THE WATER ISN’T EVEN HOT?! Relaxation Mode – OVER! You didn’t even know that your water heater was sick, let alone DYING! While it’s not always a sure thing to know, there are signs that your water heater’s health could be on the decline

  • Does It Sound Like Rice Krispies?
    • Your aging system could easily start to sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies and snap, crackle and pop (see the reference now?)! The sounds could be the result of accumulating sediment at the bottom of the tank. They could also be the result of a malfunction within the tank as well. Having your water heater flushed could help with sediment build up. Any noises should be taken as precaution by calling your plumber to have your water heater checked.
  • Discolored Water?
    • If you’re seeing anything but crystal clear water – this is a sign to have your water heater checked. Not only could it be from corrosion and rust within the tank itself, it could also be coming from the lines in your home. Orange or brown would typically show if there is rust anywhere.
  • How Old Is It?


    • Did you know that the average lifespan of a hot water heater is 5-10 years? Did you also know that the most common answer to that question is 15-20 years? This means that the average person is letting their hot water heater get to almost double the number of years it should go! While sometimes it is TOTALLY fine to let your water heater go that long, it usually will only reach that point with regular maintenance. When it gets that old, it’s normally when plumbers receive the emergency call from homeowners who didn’t even know anything was wrong. Take our advice, have your water heater checked out regularly!

Not only will having your water heater checked out ensure that it’s working at peak performance, it can also make sure that it’s as energy efficient as possible. In the end, if it needs to be replaced – F.H. Furr is always happy to help!

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