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Are All Sump Pumps Created Equal?

A Sump Pump…what a charming title. You’ve probably heard the name, but some of us may not have a clue what they are or what they do for a home. In some cases, you might not know about them until they break down and stop working. The reality is these machines keep our homes from flooding by removing groundwater that accumulates around your house. Any potentially harmful amounts of water get sent away from the home to a storm drain or dry well. However, not all of these pumps are the same, and it’s important to choose the right option for your Northern Virginia home. There are two primary Sump Pump options: the Pedestal Pump and the Submersible Pump.

Find The Perfect Option For Your Home.

Below are some tips about how to select the right one for your specific needs.

1. Pedestal Pump

The Pedestal Sump Pump earns its name because of its location above ground. The Pedestal is designed so that the pump sits in the sump pit, but the motor sits above ground and should not get wet. Since the motor is located outside of the pit, it is often required to attach a brace to it to keep it stable. These pumps are traditionally less expensive than the Submersible option and are widely used in basements and crawl spaces that frequently need to drain water. Despite the fact that they tend to be noisier than the Submersible pump, Pedestal Pumps are more economical, and since they sit above ground, they are far easier to repair if need be. This option is ideal for smaller sump pits. It can function smoothly for 5–15 years.

Submersible Pump

Opposite the Pedestal Pump, the Submersible is located below water level, sealed within the sub-basin. This option is a bit higher in cost compared to the Pedestal because of several different factors. It is a quiet option and far safer for children since the motor is not above ground. When it comes to safety, the Submersible is sealed to prevent electrical short circuits within the home. This option is better for homeowners who have a finished basement and prefer not to have the eyesore of a sump pump anywhere in their home. Although it works as well as a Pedestal Pump, the Submersible may operate for 25-30 years, a good deal longer than its competition.  

Factors To Consider

When choosing one of these options, it’s important to consider the space you have in your home. It’s a good idea to take measurements of the spot where you’d like to place your pump and buy a model that will fit those specifications. Also, a decision will need to be made about the switch types. On both pumps there are options for automatic or manual switch operation. This gives you the option to choose whether you’d prefer to manually turn the pump on and off when appropriate — or select one that automatically turns itself on or off based on the water levels. When installing a sump pump, it should always have its own circuit for safety purposes.

Battery Back-Up Sump Pump

Since primary sump pumps run off of electricity, it’s a good idea to consider a backup pump for your home. The battery backup unit is only needed in case of a power outage, when the battery will automatically kick in and provide the electricity needed for the pump. Consider combining a battery backup sump pump with your primary pump for added peace of mind and all-around protection for your home.

As always, it is important to have professionals install your sump pump to ensure that it’s done right! That’s where F.H. Furr comes in! Our capable technicians are trained to install your sump pump correctly and can also help you determine which option is best for your home, making sure your home stays safe and dry!

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