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5 Ways to Stay Healthy in Fluctuating Temperatures

We’ve had some crazy weather this winter. 60 degrees to snow, followed by rain and cold! Old mother nature just can’t seem to decide what the plan is! Well, we have a feeling it’ll be cold from here on out; still, fluctuating weather temperatures often lead to the common winter cold. Despite how common they may be, they are miserable! We’ve got 5 tips for you to fight back this winter and stay healthy! According to WGNO’s Dr. Rachel Reitan, “Cold weather does predispose you to getting sick.” It’s also a commonly known fact that drastic weather changes can add stress to your body, including causing asthma and allergies to flare up…who knew? Keep that annual cold away! We’ll show you how!

With a host of disease-fighting cells in our bodies, it’s a wonder that we ever get sick! Unfortunately, cold weather often decreases some of these cells, especially in the sinuses. When these decrease, you’re at a higher risk for catching that cold that’s been going around!

Take these 5 tips to heart if you’re ready to beat the cold:

1. Wash your hands

Didn’t your mom always tell you to wash your hands after practically every activity? Keeping your hands free of germs will help to prevent sickness.

2. Dress appropriately

Seems that mom’s really knew what they were talking about when they yelled, “Put your coat on before you go outside!”. Dressing appropriately in these cold winter months can be a hassle, no one likes bulky jackets and layers of clothing, but trust us, it’s in your best interest. Avoid leaving the house without being properly dressed for the weather!

3. Get your flu shot

Alright, we know that this is a difficult one. No one likes shots, especially when you aren’t even sick yet! Still, studies do show that flu shots can prevent the flu during the winter. It’s beneficial to you, but we’ll let you decide how serious you are about avoiding that cold!

4. Keep an even humidity inside your home

The humidity levels in a home can be a surprising ingredient in the recipe that is a common cold! If the air inside your home is too dry, your lungs, skin and nasal passages don’t get enough moisture, causing that itchy scratchy feeling in your throat and nose. In addition, if the air in your home is humidity dense, you might experience that damp feeling, which will keep you cold and throw off your body’s normal regulations. Either way, an extreme humidity level is never a good idea when fighting off a cold! Having a whole home humidifier can help with even humidity levels.

5. Be sure your home’s heating system is functioning properly

Last but certainly not least; be sure your heat is working! When you’re inside your home, you don’t want to feel the effects of the winter weather. A constant shiver is a sign that your home’s heat needs to be turned up. Heat not working the way it should? Call in an expert to take a look. Your home needs heat, and so do you.

At F.H. Furr, we value our customers and are there for all of their home’s heating needs! Stay safe and healthy this winter.

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