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Spring Has Sprung! Time To Clean The Ducts!

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Springtime is here! This means that everyone is going to be opening the windows, letting the Winter air out and the Spring air in! Cleaning out your home, should include your air ducts as well! Not only will it help improve the air quality in your home, it will help anyone that suffers from allergies or asthma too!

When your ducts aren’t clean, it makes your HVAC system have to work harder to push the air past the dirt and debris. This can be a factor in shortening the life of your system. Having your duct system cleaned out, can help make your system last longer as well as consuming less energy which will make your power bill lower!

shutterstock_407278648.jpgThe air quality of your home is important! If you have pets, their dander alone can get into ducts and be pushed around the air of your home. This is on top of the regular amounts of dust that are in the air (even in the cleanest of homes!). In addition to cleaning the air ducts, you’ll want to change your filters anywhere from every 1-3 months so that they can filter as well as possible!


At F.H. Furr, we recommend seasonal maintenance of your system as well. Our technicians can service your entire home by checking your HVAC system as well as providing a whole home duct cleaning! Duct cleaning is beneficial once a year, but could be done more often if you have a larger family or numerous pets.

Have questions? Think a whole home duct cleaning could be beneficial for you and your home?
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