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10 Signs You Should Get Your Electrical Systems Checked

10 Signs You Should Get Your Electrical Systems Checked

Each year, there are 50,900 fires in the United States that are caused by electrical issues, 3,300 of those start in extension cords. Over 30,000 non-fatal shock injuries happen every year. It’s important to get the electrical system in your home checked to ensure your own safety as well as other guests that enter your home. Listed below are some signs to look out for:

  • Excessive Amount Of Extension Cords: Having a lot of extension cords can add additional stress to your electrical system by increasing the chance of cords shorting out or pinching which could lead to a tripped breaker. This can damage outlets or even start a fire. If you need additional help, call F.H. Furr for an electrical technician to come out and install more outlets.
  • Dimming/Flickering Lights: When too many appliances are plugged in at once, lights can dim or flicker. Major appliances are pulling too much power causing this to happen.
  • Off/Smelly Odors: If you smell an odor coming from an outlet, stop using it immediately! Unplug and remove all appliances from the outlet and call an electrical technician to get it checked out before you use it again.
  • Buzzing Sound: Electricity typically doesn’t make any sound. If you hear a buzzing or any other sound coming from an outlet, unplug and stop using appliances connected to that outlet. Make sure to have it looked at before using it again.
  • Sparking: If an outlet is sparking, call an electrical technician immediately! This can be dangerous because sparks vary in size and power and have the ability to cause fires. 
  • Hot Outlets: An outlet can be warm but, should not be hot when you touch it. If it is stop all use of the outlet and call for additional help. Your wiring could be wrong and a technician may need to fix it.
  • Frayed Wires: Frayed wires can potentially be very dangerous. If you notice a frayed wire, stop all use of appliances connected to that wire. Call an electrical technician to come out and fix the problem, as well as check other wires to make sure they aren’t damaged as well.
  • Smoke: If an outlet is smoking something could be wrong with the wires. Stop the using the outlet and call for additional help.
  • Loose Connections: An outlet can deteriorate from plugging and unplugging throughout the years. If a plug is loose in the socket or wiggles, it may cause sparking or other dangers. This can cause injuries or in a worst case scenario – a fire.
  • Rodent Damage: Mice, rats and squirrels like to make nests in attics, due to the warmer conditions there. They chew on wires causing many problems with your electrical system. To ensure this doesn’t happen, seal up any open crevices, so these pests can’t make their way into your attic. Hiring a pest control can also help alleviate the problem. After any rodents are gone, check your wires and see if there are any damages.

Your home’s Electrical System is essential in completing day-to-day activities! It’s important to know these problems should be taken care of quickly, as they can continue to grow into bigger issues. If you have any questions, call F.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical and we’ll be sure to do “Absolutely the Best!” to help with anything we can!

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