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Showing Our Appreciation to Those Who Serve!

Police Officers.
Active Military.

What do all of these things have in common?

They serve. They serve our communities.

In 2016, we decided to start an initiative to let those that serve our communities know how much they are appreciated.

Through our Facebook page, we encourage our followers to post their nominations of any member of service to receive Diamond Club Washington Nationals tickets.

Here are some quotes from a few we’ve sent!

“On a personal and professional level, this is awesome.  It is important that companies give back to their community.  Yes it is also great PR but it really is a win/win for the community and company.” —Chad Wright, High School Teacher

“Spending time with my family is the most important thing I do. I work long hours and I miss out on some of the fun things my family does. F.H. Furr has given me an opportunity to see my kids smile with excitement. We love baseball and couldn’t be more thankful to F.H. Furr for giving us this opportunity.” —Danielle Petitt, Police Officer

“Firefighters work long and sometimes hard hours. By allowing us the chance to go to a Nationals game with our friends or family, it not only gives us a break but also proves that we are cared about and appreciated.  Thank you for recognizing , and first responders FH FURR.” —Brian Holmes, Firefighter

To each and every member of every branch of our military, both active, to every first responder of any sort and to every person who contributes to the education of the next generation – WE SALUTE YOU and give you our UNENDING THANKS.
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