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Rooter-Med X™: The Drain Doctor Is In!

When It’s Time To Clear Clogged Drains, You Need A Rooterologist! 

Drain blockages are a nasty issue that most homeowners will experience at one point or another. Maybe it’s the dirty water backing up into your bathtub, or slow draining pipes in the sink? There are many ways a clogged drain will rear its ugly head…thankfully, there’s a remedy!

While most homeowners think that clearing up a clogged drain pipe is as simple as pouring a gallon of Drain-O down the sink, this is most certainly not the way to handle it. Not only are chemical drain-clearing fluids like this harmful for your family and home, but depending on the issue, they don’t even come close to reaching the true source of the problem. Fortunately, there’s Rooter-Med X™, F.H. Furr’s drain clearing division!

When you have a drain-clearing emergency, Rooter-Med X™ is your team of on-call plumbing physicians. Each member of the Rooter-Med X™ team is a trained and certified Rooterologist™, and that means they’re capable of handling any drain clearing issue in your home, from the small kitchen sink clog to the sewer line blockages. Clearing drains can be far more in-depth than you ever imagined, which is why you need the Rooter-Med X™ division on your side!

Clogged drains are more than just a nuisance, they can also cause serious flooding and damage to the home’s plumbing system. Each Rooterologist™ is equipped with a fully stocked truck to diagnose and fix your drain and rooter ailments. Rooterologists™ specialize in a variety of drain-clearing services, from basic to deeper cleaning methods, they’ll eradicate clogs for good!

Common Clog Clearing

Rooterologists™ clear out kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and downspout drains regularly. There is no job too small for this team of professionals. Once the clog is cleared, we offer several maintenance plans and products that will help to keep your drains clear for years to come!

Sewer Hydro Jetting

For a deeper clean, Rooterologist’s™ use an extremely high water pressure hydro jetting system to blast away years of build-up of toilet paper, solid waste, and food greases. This flushes the debris to the sanitary main. Hydro jetting also washes the insides of the pipes after any repair or replacement. This method of drain clearing is the best way to clear pipes of blockages without damaging your yard. 

Sewer Snake

The sewer snake is a common tool used to unclog drains and sewer lines. It must be correctly inserted into a drain in order to displace and chew away at whatever is clogging the pipe. The head of the snake can be a blade for root intrusion, a cleaning tool for grease clogs, or a retrieval attachment for common items like paper towels. 

Sewer Video Inspection

Video camera inspections have located many a wedding ring after slipping down the drain, but for the most part, video inspections are performed after a drain-clearing service. They are recorded and delivered to the customer so that they can see that the drain has been fully cleared.

Smoke Testing

Drains can often stink to high heaven, especially if they haven’t been used in some time. Sometimes you can simply fix this by pouring water down the drain, but other times, there’s a true source for the stink. Smoke testing is used to pinpoint where the noxious sewer gases are entering your home. A controlled, non-toxic, odorless smoke is flooded into your home’s main drain line, and as it pushes through the sewer line, the Rooterologist™ can see exactly where it’s coming from and eliminate it. 

Trenchless Repair and Replacement

Rooterologists™ can repair your sewer line by using spot repair on issues ranging from 2’ to 4’ in length. For larger issues like a collapsed main drain, they utilize pipe bursting, which allows a replacement pipe to burst through the old one, eliminating the need to dig up your yard. 

If you have pipes that are giving you fits, don't hesiste to call our team! We would love getting your pipes in working order! 

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