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Protect Your Garbage Disposal This Thanksgiving!

Here at F.H. Furr, we understand the importance and value of being with family. We know that the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is one of the best opportunities to share in that special time. We also know that every family member who walks through your door on Thanksgiving Day only has one thing on their mind—the feast that they know awaits them! Let’s not kid ourselves, we’ve all been thinking about the food for weeks! We’re anticipating it from the moment we wake up and watch the Charlie Brown balloon make its way down 42nd street in the Macy’s parade, right up to the time when we actually sit down at the table to eat. We’ve had visions of mashed potatoes, mom’s famous macaroni, and of course, that beautiful bird!

In the spirit of Turkey Day, we are often given helpful tips on how to survive the holiday, tips like cooking the perfect turkey, arranging our seasonal home decor, and the “how-tos” of putting up with your mother-in-law for the entire weekend of Thanksgiving! So with all these tidbits of information, why is it that someone forgot to mention the disaster that awaits when turkey grease hits the pipes of our garbage disposal? Sure, you’re thinking maybe this particular tip doesn’t really hold the same appeal or seem quite as important as making yourself look like the family’s Martha Stewart, but trust us when we say…it is.

Watch this short video on the DANGERS of TURKEY GREASE!!!

The rush to get all of the food ready before the guests arrive can be stressful, and the last thing on your mind as you’re leaning over the sink, pealing dozens of potatoes, is what those skins will become as they go down the drain. What was once a harmless starch is transformed into a gummy, sticky substance that clings to the pipes and blades of the disposal. And although everyone raves over that particular macaroni recipe, somehow there are always leftovers for days afterward, which are placed in Tupperware and destined for the garbage disposal. This starch will wreak the same havoc as the potatoes, and let’s not forget about the turkey grease. Maybe the worst of them all is the leftover grease we pour down our disposals, not realizing its effect on our system. We often hear how hard greasy foods are on our bodies, and the reality is that they work the same way when they’re poured down the drain. The grease, which separates from water, can coat the pipes and clog them, making it impossible to function in the kitchen. Not only is this issue frustrating, but it can be much deeper than what we see on the surface. The substances creating the backup can continue down the drain, causing larger problems like blockage of the sewer lines. Let’s be honest, that’s a problem we’d all prefer to avoid. Thanksgiving is just the start of the holiday season, and we all know that finances will be tight. None of us wants to spend that Christmas money we’ve stowed away from our tax refund on new drain pipes!

So as much as we hope you’ve taken the proper precautions when it comes to the maintenance of your garbage disposal, we realize that there will be those who have heard the news too late.

For these individuals who will find themselves victims of this terrible holiday disaster, take a moment to pause and remember that this problem doesn’t need to get worse, F.H. Furr and our plumbing services are only a call away. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

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