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Problem With Your Toilet?


Truly, there isn’t much worse than a bathroom that isn’t in working condition – ESPECIALLY when it’s because of the toilet. From a broken diverter in your shower to a sink that isn’t working, there are many issues that can occur within a bathroom. But, an out of order toilet has to be the WORST.

Here are a few of the most common issues that occur with toilets and what you can do to have them fixed in a jiffy!

  • Leaky Bowl?
    • If the bowl of your toilet is leaking, it could be caused by a couple of issues. Cracks in the toilet bowl itself could be to blame (not often), as could an old or defective wax ring. A leaky bowl is definitely one of the messier issues that your toilet can have. Not only is the thought of that mess on your bathroom floor not pretty, the odor may not be either in addition to being unsanitary and unhealthy.
  • Running A Water Marathon?
    • A running toilet could have many causes as well. The most common fix would be replacing the flapper and/or flush valve. If your toilet stops filling and then starts again right away, it could be that you have a leak from the tank into the bowl. A toilet that is running all the time can easily become a much bigger problem if it isn’t tended to quickly. Not to mention the fact that as long as it’s running it is costing you money on your water bill!
  • Get A Handle On It!
    • One of the most common issues with a toilet is a broken flush handle. Usually these are made of plastic and when used as many times as they are on a daily basis, they get worn out and can break. This usually isn’t a difficult fix and many times can be fixed by the homeowner.

As always if you have issues with your toilet or any plumbing in your home, give us a call at 877-CALL-FURR! We are always happy to help and have one of our experienced technicians visit your home!

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