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5 Tips For A Cool Summer: AC Edition

With summer well on its way, we’re all gearing up for the rising temperatures! So what can you do to prepare for the crazy heat that’s about to overcome us? Start with your air conditioning system!

When you’re inside, you don’t want to feel stifled by air that’s as warm as it is outdoors. You pay good money to have cool air pumping through your house, so we’ve compiled some simple tips to prepare your air conditioner and help you make sure it’s running smoothly for the summer months! 

1. Replace Or Upgrade The Filters

Your air handler has filters that fill up with dust and debris, causing the unit to run with less efficiency, and hampering its effectiveness. The solution to this common problem is simple: replace or upgrade the filters. A clean filter will also assure that dust and allergens don’t recirculate into your home.

2. Check The Coolant Lines

The refrigerant pipes that run from the evaporator to the air handler and into the condenser outside are usually covered in a foam insulation. This prevents them from losing energy. If you notice that there are areas of the insulation that are frayed, missing, or damaged, it’s a good idea to replace them. Install foam insulation sleeves, or wrap the lines in a spiral fashion with foam insulation tape.

3. Maintain Your Plants

Trim the plants and bushes around the unit to provide at least 12 inches of clearance for air flow. This may sound silly, but many homeowners allow shrubbery to become overgrown and block air from exiting and entering the unit, making it less efficient.

4. Keep Pets Away From The Unit

This may not be our favorite topic, but when your beloved Fido wants to claim your conditioning unit as his territory, the corrosive acid in his urine will deteriorate and damage the metal. So make sure your unit is clean and maintained so that it lasts as long as possible.

5. Schedule Annual Maintenance!

Finally, it’s important to have your unit professionally serviced annually to maintain detailed cleanliness and to ensure that everything is in working order. Some things are fine to tackle on your own, but to get the best out of your machine, call in the professionals!

As always, F.H. Furr is fully capable of handling all of your air conditioning needs as the summer approaches. Be sure to give us a call and let us help make sure your system is in top shape for summer weather!

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