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Plumbing FAQ, Part 3!

We get asked questions all the time, by customers that call in, customers we see at events and even people our techs run into just in passing! So, we decided we would put together a blog series about some of these frequently asked questions! We'll touch on garbage disposals, water pressure, toilets, water heaters and even sump pumps!

Why is my faucet dripping?

Generally a scratched or torn o-ring, cartridge or grommet is the culprit for a dripping faucet. What exactly causes harm to the component is difficult to determine. However, a replacement o-ring or cartridge repair kit will often times correct the problem. Should the problem persist, contact FH Furr to determine the next steps to repair.

What can I do about the smell coming from my garbage disposal?

Combine a handful of ice cubes with citrus peels such as lemons, oranges or limes. Run the disposal for 15-30 seconds using cold water.

Who should I call if there is a water leak on public property such as a street or shoulder of a road?

Call the emergency line for your local water and sewer company, provide any additional detailed information like the location and nearest cross street, and they will send someone to investigate the problem.

I notice that some moisture may be coming up from under the tank, what do I need to do?

If the leak is coming from where the supply line meets the toilet or where the tank bolts hold the tank to the base of the toilet. If it’s coming from the bolts, shut the water off and replace the tank bolts by removing the tank.

I think my pressure relief valve may be leaking, what do I need to do?

Either your valve has failed and requires replacement or your water temperature is set too high in which case you need to turn down the thermostat. Your water pressure level could also be too high. Try using a pressure-reducing valve in the supply line.

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