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Our Electrical Services

Electrical Services

We know that your home’s electricity is vital to your comfort, and proper installation is a necessity when it comes to safety! Now that you know you can call on us for ALL of your home’s service needs, find out what we can do for you! Listed below are our Electrical Services and briefly what each entail.

  • Electrical Safety and Reliability Inspection

Electrical Safety and Reliability Inspections Help To: 

  • Ensure the safe operation of electrical components in your home
  • Identify common electrical mistakes made by other contractors or previous DIY homeowners
  • Identify outdated or degraded wiring
  • Identify oversized fuses or breakers that could become fire hazards
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Help keep insurance and warranty requirements
  • Increase your home’s value
  • Electrical and Heavy-up Panel Upgrades

Electrical Panel Upgrade, or heavy up, is essentially an upgrade for your power panel. It enables more power to surge through the currents of your home, creating the ability to utilize the most electricity possible, without the dangers of overloading your system. When you have too many devises sucking power from an insufficient source, you’re in danger of an overload on the electrical system. This could lead to other electrical problems and safety concerns. Using an outdated system is certainly not recommended for electrical safety. When you have an electrical panel upgrade, you’ll never need to worry about a lack of power to operate your home. 

  • Residential Standby Whole Home Generators

Whole home standby generators offer power levels higher than portables - their rating ranges anywhere from 5 kilowatt up into hundreds of kW. This makes them the best choice for dealing with a long-term power outage. While the initial cost is higher than a portable generator, a whole home generator will increase the value of your home. A whole home generator will connect you back to the utility lines and will turn itself off automatically. 

  • Energy Audit and Assessments

Your whole-home energy and duct performance audit takes about three hours and is scheduled during normal business hours (Mon.-Sat., 8 a.m.-5 p.m.). For your investment in our energy audit in Virginia, we will show you how to achieve the following year-round:

  • Uniform temperatures and humidity from room to room
  • A fresh feeling and healthy indoor air quality
  • Greater interior cleanliness with less dust
  • Lower utility bills by reducing energy usage
  • Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier is an aluminum colored, water-based, low emissivity (low-e) coating. When applied to building materials such as plywood, OSB or plasterboard, Radiant Barrier lowers their surface emissivity to 0.25 or lower, thereby blocking over 75% of the radiant heat trying to enter the home. It is classified by ASTM as an Interior Radiation Control Coating (IRCC). Benefits Of Using Radiant Barrier For Your Home:

  • Lowest emissivity available at 0.19
  • Substantially lowers your cooling bills
  • You feel cooler, more comfortable in your home
  • Ideal for hot climates
  • Low cost for long term results! Energy Efficiency!
  • Environmentally friendly, very low odor
  • Crawlspace Encapsulation 

Crawl space encapsulation seeks to mitigate problems by protecting the crawl space from moisture. A plastic vapor barrier is used to line the entire space. It’s secured with sturdy mechanical fasteners and sealed with caulk. Then either a dehumidifier or a crawl space conditioning system is installed to keep the air dry.There’s a lot of water in the ground beneath your home, which can vaporize or even puddle, depending on where you live. When the water combines with stagnant air and cool temperatures, rot and decay set in. Improperly ventilated crawl spaces can lead to serious structural problems as floor joists and framing become compromised. Keep an eye out for these telltale signs that your crawl space may be damaging your home:

  • Warped or buckling floors
  • Mildewed carpets
  • Rust
  • Peeling paint
  • Musty odors
  • Blown-in Attic Insulation Installation

When F.H. Furr installs new insulation, an Energy Specialist  will check your attic to see if the tops of your joists are visible. If so, adding blown attic insulation from the typical 5” to 18” (R-15 to R-38 or R-49) can save you up to 20% on your heating and cooling energy bills! By properly insulating your attic space, you can be sure that the heated or cooled air that pumps into your home, stays in your home!

  • Solar Attic Fans

In this day and age, people are trying to be responsible about conserving energy and being environmentally friendly. Fortunately, F.H. Furr uses products that can save you money and energy while keeping you comfortable. The benefits of installing a solar attic fan include:

  • Extending the life of your roof.
  • Reducing the load on your HVAC system. 
  • Preventing ice damming. 
  • Reducing moisture buildup in the attic. 
  • Increasing fresh air circulation. 
  • Providing an eco-friendly home solution. 
  • Quiet operation. 

If you have any questions or concerns contact F.H.Furr Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning and Electrical.

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