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Ask F.H. Furr: Why is my sink leaking?

Question submitted by Rush E. Herndon, VA.

Let’s talk about leaks. There’s a reason why “a constant dripping” is a common idiom used for anything irritating or infuriating. Let’s face it, leaky faucets leave no room for patience—and rightly so! Time is money, and the longer that faucet drips, the more money you’re losing down the drain! In fact, The United States Environmental Protection Agency has reported that a home may waste an estimated 10,000 gallons of water a year—enough to supply a swimming pool! The good news is such a pesky problem usually requires a very simple fix. Contact our trained professionals now and bid your leaky faucet “Farewell!”

Understanding the location of the leak often helps the homeowner to know the necessary solution. Here are some possible causes of faucet leakage. If you find yourself in a position where the leaks are causing more problems than solutions, we can fix that.

A leaky faucet often indicates an old valve, which our skilled technicians can repair for a price less than it would take to replace the valve on your own. It is also possible that the valve seat (the connection between the spout and the faucet) has begun corroding due to a buildup of water sediment. Make sure you clean the valve seat regularly to prevent valve corrosion.

The O-ring on the stem screw may be loose or exhausted from constant usage, which in turn causes the faucet to drip at the handle. If the leak originates with the O-ring, replacement of this small disc is necessary.


The washer could be weary from incessant friction against the valve seat. When leaks originate from a worn washer, the location of the drip will be around the spout. This issue requires a replacement of the washer.

Poor installation of the washer could be causing the leak. For instance, the washer is often the wrong size. To ensure the washer is installed properly, contact an F.H. Furr trained professional and wash washer worries away for good.

A loose adjusting ring and/or packing nuts may cause the handle to leak. These parts may simply be in need of tightening; however, in some cases, complete replacement is necessary.

Broken pipes (which are often a result of freezing temperatures) may be the cause of your leaky faucet. Though this problem is not as common as those aforementioned, winter’s freezing temperatures make it impossible to entirely eliminate the possibility. Contact an F.H. Furr trained professional to assess the damage to your water pipes.

Your disc faucet may have a seal damaged from constant usage. Water deposits accumulate and need to be cleaned from the assembly. Regular maintenance of the inlet and outlet seals will adequately protect your faucet against leakage; in some instances, replacement seals are the best solution.

Rush, not all leaks are created equal. Here at F.H. Furr, we understand the unique needs of our customers. Don’t delay the problem and continue to waste your hard-earned money! Contact F.H. Furr today, we guarantee quality service and victory on your war against pesky leaks and constant dripping!

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