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It’s The Most Wonderful DRY Time Of The Year!

Noticing cold-like symptoms, static, and a higher energy bill?

Your home might be a victim of a low humidity level, and humidity plays a huge role in the comfort of your home!

The recommended indoor humidity level is 45%, yet the average home cab be four times below that level! When you combine low humidity with the home heating season, it can result in a myriad of health issues and interior home problems. Typical signs of low humidity include: health problems such as dry skin, nose bleeds, sore throat, and increased asthma irritation; warping of your home’s wooden flooring, furniture, and even musical instruments; cracks in walls and ceilings; and static electricity; and an increase in utility bills as your HVAC must work twice as hard to create an idea comfort level. 

The solution is a whole home humidifier!

Unlike portable humidifiers that you might use in one small room, whole home humidifiers are designed to distribute moisture throughout the entire home. 3 types of humidifiers are used for this: Bypass (Good), Power (Better), and Steam (Best). Your HVAC technician can prescribe the best option for your home and wallet!

Homeowners notice dryer air during the winter, as outdoor humidification decreases and heat is pumped throughout the home, causing moisture to diminish. It’s important that your HVAC technician is certified to handle the water, drainage, power and control, and wiring aspects of the installation. The season is dry, there’s no denying that, but your home’s air doesn’t have to be! Humidify, and enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

Benefits of a whole home humidifier 

  1. Significantly reduces the amount of airborne dust and dirt, thus reducing the symptoms of allergy sufferers.
  2. Eliminates viruses that thrive in dry home environments.
  3. Lowers or eliminates static electricity.
  4. Reduces snoring
  5. Helps keeps your house plants healthy.
  6. Saves money on energy bills.
  7. Helps prevent wooden flooring, cabinets, etc. 
  8. Increases home value.
  9. Prevents skin from drying and lips from chapping. 
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