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Is Your Heating System Ready To Take On The Cold?

With all the back to school supplies hitting the shelves we are starting to prepare for fall and the winter months ahead. The last thing you need to worry about as your juggling your new schedule and after school activities is your heating system failing when you need it the most. 

While we have been having fun in the sun, our heating system has been accumulating dust and dirt. If proper action isn’t taken to get your system inspected, it will show on your higher utility bills. 

It’s important to us to make sure that doesn't happen! 

At F.H. Furr we offer a 28 Point Heating Inspection on your system ensuring that it is ready to take on the cold months that are just around the corner. 

Here is what will we check during our inspection: 

  1. Visually inspect capacitors for leakage and rust
  2. Inspect readily accessible ducts for obvious air leaks
  3. Complete operations sequence check
  4. Check crankcase heater for proper maintenance
  5. Inspection of air filtration system
  6. Inspect blower wheel
  7. Inspect blower and motor and record AMP draw (lubricate as needed)
  8. Replacement of filter provided by customer while on site at time of inspection
  9. Inspect unit wiring and electrical disconnect
  10. Check and calibrate thermostat as required
  11. Inspect gas lines and connections at furnace/boiler for leaks
  12. Check high limit control (adjust as needed)
  13. Inspect burner ignition system and assembly
  14. Inspect gas burners
  15. Check and adjust manifold gas pressure
  16. Check temperature rise across heat exchanger for overheating
  17. Inspect heat exchanger for sooting, corrosion, cracks and deformities
  18. Inspect gas valve for corrosion, leaks, restriction of gas flow and abnormal noise
  19. Inspect furnace/boiler wiring assembly for loose connections
  20. Inspect flue and venting for obstructions and leaks
  21. Check (1) electrical circuit to furnace/boiler. Test all electrical/safety circuits/controls for proper operation
  22. Inspect entire furnace/boiler for loose or worn parts and abnormal vibrations
  23. Test and adjust the unit for peak operating efficiency
  24. Check carbon monoxide emission level or pass/fail
  25. Check defrost cycle and reversing valve operation (heat pumps only)
  26. Tighten screw lug terminals in condensing unit (heat pumps only)
  27. Check refrigerant level (heat pumps only)
  28. Check emergency heat systems for proper operation (heat pumps only)

One of the most important things about getting an inspection on your equipment is ensuring that your system is running safely without any leaks. A leaking system will let dangerous carbon monoxide into your home. YIKES! 

If you are ready for a heating maintenance inspection, head to our website or give us a call to schedule an appointment! 

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