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Holidays Wreak Havoc On Plumbing!

The holidays are supposed to be the merriest time of the year, but they can very quickly turn ugly on your home’s plumbing system if you’re not careful!

With much of the season revolving around the preparation of fancy meals and socializing at home, it’s no surprise that most plumbing disasters strike during the holidays! If you’re hosting guests for Thanksgiving, or the annual Christmas party, it’s important to know what your plumbing system can handle….and more importantly, what it cannot! These three areas of the home can fall prey to plumbing problems, but there are some simple ways you can help to prevent them! 

Make note of this! A few simple tips to avoid plumbing disasters around your home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home around the holidays, and with so many feasts being cooked up you’re sure to encounter some potential dangers for your plumbing system. 

Be aware that turkey grease, starches, and fibrous veggies are all the kiss of death for your garbage disposal. Always keep your drains clear by depositing fat or grease into a trash can. To avoid a mess you can also collect it in a jar. If not properly disposed of, grease can not only damage your garbage disposal but can clog your entire home’s pipes. The fix is a simple one, just remember that before you rinse plates or utensils, you wipe away oils, butter, or leftovers off the plates. Be sure to run cool water through the disposal after each use to ensure the pipes are free of slightly ground materials. If need be, type up a small list of items that shouldn’t be thrown down the sink and tape it somewhere visible. The list should include foods like macaroni and cheese, veggies, potatoes and potato skins, grease, and bones, coffee grounds, fruit pits, etc. That way if there are any helpful guests who offer to wash the dishes, you can put them to work with the peace of mind that they’ll know what to leave out of the sink. 

The Bathroom

When you have company in your home, the last thing you want is a plumbing issue. Clogged toilets are something both you and your guests will want to avoid at all costs. Excessive use of your home’s sinks, toilets, and showers will result in a higher chance of clogging due to the amount of hair, hygiene products, and who knows what else, that could be washed down each drain. In addition, running out of hot water for showers can be a pain, fortunately, there are simple fixes for these would-be disasters. Be sure to place trash bins in accessible areas in each bathroom to provide alternatives to flushing items like wipes and sanitary products. This will help take the pressure off the pipes. In addition, having your water heater flushed prior to the event will help to maintain hot showers for everyone in the house. Pro tip: if there are kids nearby, the only solution is keeping a watchful eye on them, many a Tonka truck has been pulled from the toilet by professional plumbers around this season!

Laundry Room

With more people, comes more laundry! Be sure that all of the hoses and connections are actively working before guests arrive. Dealing with a major leak or flood is beyond disruptive and could ruin the holiday…making your guests remember “that one Christmas when” your house flooded. Just be sure your hose connections are nice and tight.

All of these issues can be detected if plumbing maintenance is performed regularly on your system. One of the best things you can do for your home and wallet is to call in a trusted plumber and get things checked out before it’s too late. Steer clear of clogged drains, toilet backups, and freezing showers, and instead let your holiday be merry and bright! 

Are you and your home ready for guests? If not, NOW is the time! 

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