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Holiday Parties? GET HOME SAFE!

Holiday Parties? GET HOME SAFE!

It’s the holiday season, and that means holiday parties, happy hours, and celebrations of all kinds!

As festive and fun as these events can be, this time of year is one of the highest-risk times for drunk driving incidents. We care about all of our customers and followers and want to be sure that you’re informed on how to get a safe ride home!

SoberRide is a free taxi ride program that is provided by the Washington Regional Alcohol Program. It provides a safe way home for impaired drivers during some of the times of the year with the highest risks of drunk driving incidents. All taxi rides are free up to $30, and passengers are responsible for the difference if the fare is over $30.

This service is offered to callers with phone numbers that have a Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, DC, area code.

Also, you must be calling for a pickup in the following areas:

  • Washington, DC
    • Anywhere in the city
  • Maryland
    • Montgomery County
    • Prince George’s County
  • Virginia
    • Arlington
    • Fairfax
    • Prince William County
    • Eastern Loudoun County

The Washington Regional Alcohol Program was founded in 1982, and they have been working ever since to prevent drunk driving and underage drinking in our Washington DMV area! Their SoberRide program has been going since 1993, and they have provided more than 50,000 FREE cab rides home since then!

To request a cab, call (703) 540-4838!

For more information about WRAP and its SoberRide program, visit!


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