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Don’t Overlook Heat Pump Maintenance This Winter

Don’t Overlook Heat Pump Maintenance This Winter

Winter is in full swing! After our massive Jonas Blizzard, homeowners might be wondering what’s next! Whether you’re rooting for more snow or you’re hoping what’s left in your yard is the last of it, you can be sure that there’s more cold weather on the way. With that being said, it’s important to be sure your heat pump is up to the challenge of keeping you and your family warm, no matter what the weather brings! 

One of the best ways to ensure your comfort and safety is to have your heat pump maintained! Prevention is always more cost-effective than damage control! 

Where to start…

There are several things that you can do, as a homeowner, to maintain your heat pump. Here are some simple tips for year-round maintenance:  

  • Eliminate any bushes or obstructions that might be growing or blocking your outdoor heat pump. It’s healthy for a unit to have several feet of space in order to maintain circulation.
  • Be sure to keep branches or other debris away from the unit. Even a small stick can get caught in the fan, causing the heat pump to break down. Be especially aware of this after storms or windy conditions.
  • Take a quick look at the wires. We don’t encourage you to do a lot of electrical work because that can be dangerous, but if you notice that there is a loose connection somewhere, just tighten it up so that it doesn’t overheat or burn up. When it comes to electrical, if there’s any question in your mind, call a professional!
  • Check your air filters. Each system is different, but it’s a good rule of thumb to check your filter on a monthly basis to be sure it’s not packed with dust, dirt, and debris. A clean filter will keep your system running smoothly; on the other hand, a dirty filter uses more resources and can contribute to your system’s overall poor working order and a potential breakdown.
  • Give your thermostat the once-over. Since your thermostat is connected to your heat pump, check to be sure that it’s level, and replace it with a fresh set of batteries. A little TLC can make a big difference. 

 Now, for the gritty stuff, get professional maintenance performed by a company you trust!

Aside from the simple tools specified above, all other serious maintenance should be left to the professionals. When it comes to checking into the working functions of the system, refrigerant levels, wiring, cleaning evaporator coils, and inspecting things like condensate drains and drain pans, it’s best to let someone who’s trained to handle your system maintain it. At  F.H. Furr our highly educated and field-tested technicians are more than capable of handling your heat pump’s maintenance inspection needs. 

Are there benefits of heat pump maintenance?

Last but not least, we can’t forget about the many benefits of having your heat pump maintained. We know that your home is always a work in progress; whether it’s renovations, updates or just keeping up with tidying, one less thing to worry about would be awesome! Problems that could potentially put your heating system down for the count can all be avoided when your system is cared for. Some of the benefits of that care include: 

  • Longer system life span
  • Healthier and cleaner indoor air
  • Lower energy and utility costs
  • Safety and function assurance
  • And much more

This winter, instead of just switching your heat on and blasting it until you feel the effects, be sure that you know that it’s working the way it should. Sidestepping maintenance just means that you’re missing out on money and comfort while potentially putting you in danger of the disaster of being left without heat. Call us today for your heating inspection, your heat pump will thank you!

To learn more about the way your heat pump works, click here and expand your knowledge of your home and it’s heating system!


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