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Have You Heard About Nest?

Nest Thermostat offers a vast array of ways to lower your energy bills! Who doesn’t love saving money? Here are some of the amazing benefits that the Nest thermostat offers!

Nest doesn’t have to be programmed! It programs itself! Unlike most thermostats that require manual programming, the Nest thermostat programs itself based on the temperatures you like! The first few days you have it, you’ll turn it up and down and set it where you prefer. After that, it learns what you like! Sometimes it can be easy to forget to turn the thermostat down once you have turned it up, which could end up costing you money. However, with Nest, you won’t have to worry about forgetting!

With more manually programmable thermostats, you would need to set it while you’re away from home. What if you left and forgot to turn it down? It would be heating or cooling while you were away! What a wasted expense! You can use the Away or Auto-Away features with the Nest thermostat and avoid they worry! The Nest thermostat uses “NestSense” to tell when you’re away turning your heat down and even when you get home turning it back up!

When you’re adjusting the thermostat, to a more energy efficient temperature, your Nest will show an energy leaf which means that you are working at the most efficient temperature! This means you’ll be saving the most energy AND money!

The Nest thermostat also has an app which allows you to track your usage and keep a log which would ultimately help you determine where you can reduce the energy you use to lower your bills!

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