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Get Your Spring On With A 28-Point HVAC Inspection!

Preventive maintenance also saves money by maximizing efficiency and minimizing costly breakdowns. Plus, when you maintain your system, your warranty is protected!

During the year, your HVAC system accumulates dust and dirt, making it less efficient and costing you additional money in utility bills. Add on lack of regular HVAC inspections and maintenance, and you can count on your system breaking down before you can say,“Summer is here!”

Your F.H.Furr service technician will perform a complete Home Comfort 28 Point Inspection of your furnace or heating system that will take about one half hour to one hour to complete.

Just SOME of the things we’ll cover during your inspection are:
  • Visually inspect capacitors for leakage and rust
  • Inspect readily accessible ducts for obvious air leaks
  • Complete operations sequence check
  • Inspection of air filtration system
  • Inspect blower wheel
  • Inspect blower and motor and record AMP draw (lubricate as needed)
  • Replacement of filter provided by customer while on site at time of inspection
  • Inspect unit wiring and electrical disconnect
  • Check and calibrate thermostat as required
  • Inspect gas lines and connections at furnace/boiler for leaks
  • Inspect gas valve for corrosion, leaks, restriction of gas flow and abnormal noise
  • Inspect flue and venting for obstructions and leaks
  • Check (1) electrical circuit to furnace/boiler. Test all electrical/safety circuits/controls for proper operation
  • Check carbon monoxide emission level or pass/fail

And we're proud to say that now, through April 30, 2017, you can get our 28 point HVAC inspection AND a programmable thermostat for just $129! Call us TODAY to schedule!


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