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5 Things That Never Go In A Garbage Disposal!

Thanksgiving is here! In the spirit of Turkey Day, we are generally offered helpful tips on how to survive the holidays, tips like cooking the perfect turkey, arranging our seasonal home decor, and the “how-to” of putting up with your mother-in-law for the entire weekend of Thanksgiving! So with all these tidbits of information, why is it that someone forgot to mention the disaster that awaits when Thanksgiving day foods hit the pipes of our garbage disposal?

Sure, you’re thinking maybe this particular tip doesn’t really hold the same appeal or seem quite as important as making yourself look like the family’s Martha Stewart, but trust us when we say…it is.

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 most important food items you should never put down your garbage disposer when cleaning up Thanksgiving dinner. Follow these tips, and you’ll breeze through your cleanup!

1. Starchy Pastas

As popular as Mom’s Mac N’ Cheese is with the family, it doesn’t have the same positive effect on your garbage disposer. Starchy pasta can stick to the inside of your garbage disposal, causing a film to build up, leading to a potential clog!

2. Fibrous or Stringy Veggies

Although healthy for the body, they are the opposite for your garbage disposer! Vegetables like corn husks and celery can get tangled in the blades of your disposer, causing a slow-moving system.

3. Potatoes and Potato Skins

Ah, yes, potatoes. Although these are often signature dishes for Thanksgiving, peeling potatoes can also be a huge mess. Avoid the temptation to put the skins into the drain, along with any leftovers you may have. The starches in the potatoes can cause a sticky, gummy-like substance to form around the sides of the drain, causing buildup and clogging.

4. Egg Shells

Eggs are pretty handy when baking is involved, and if you’re lucky, someone is making deviled eggs to enjoy as well! But what about the shells that get left behind? Trash them! Putting those eggshells into your garbage disposer can be dangerous since the insides of the shells have a thin membrane that can wrap itself around the blades and cause a clog.

5. Turkey Grease

And finally, the Thanksgiving Day kicker! Turkey grease will run rampant on November 28th, so it’s important that you dispose of it in the right way. This means avoiding the garbage disposer. When hot turkey grease gets poured down the drain, it cools and solidifies, causing backups. It can even cause clogs for your neighbors if it takes some time to cool.

To avoid these Thanksgiving dinner blunders, place these foods in your trash can and put grease in a container to throw away. These simple steps can save you from a holiday inconvenience and help to keep your kitchen running in top shape all season long!

As always, call F.H. Furr for any of your plumbing needs. We’re “Absolutely the Best” when it comes to keeping your home safe, comfortable, and efficient!

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