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“Why Is It So Painful to Pay $4 for a Gallon of Gas…

But ‘no big deal’ to pay nearly $20 a gallon for bottled water?”

Packaging perhaps? Or because it “seems” healthy, maybe you feel bottled water is something exotic and superior to common tap water. Big news here: When you see the phrase “Purified by reverse osmosis” on your bottled water, it sure sounds impressive, but it means only one thing: filtered tap water.

Yes, it’s basically Municipal Water that’s been re-filtered and nicely bottled. Is that worth $20 a gallon? Not if you can have bottled quality water at your own tap using the same “reverse osmosis” process ... for about 4 cents a gallon!

Here’s what else you can have, right at your tap:

  • Bottled water taste coming from every tap – with 99.98716% of bacteria and impurities removed.
  • Less dry, itchy skin & allergic reactions from chlorinated water. You won’t believe what “real” water feels like!
  • Appliances and pipes that last longer, since particles that reduce flow and damage parts won’t be in there! (This means less need for a plumber, darn it!)
  • Endless supply! So no trips to the store which also means…
    • No lugging jugs of water
    • No delivery or rental fees
    • No scheduling refills
  • No crazy maintenance. The self-cleaning system means minimal maintenance for thousands of gallons!
  • And all the water you want for about 4 cents a gallon, whenever you want. Is this even possible? Yes, plus another huge bonus -

Best of all, it takes only a couple of hours to install.

In two hours, you can have bottled quality water for a lifetime. The small investment can easily pay you back dozens of times versus any other bottled water alternative!

So if you’re tired of paying sky-high prices for bottled water that’s no better than what you can have right at your tap, here’s what to do right now.

Call F.H. Furr, Alexandria Va's Plumber, for a Free, No-obligation Water Quality Survey. We’ll perform a simple test (takes about 18 minutes) of your water and give you a quote on an amazing whole house filtration system.

Then you choose if you want the financial, health, and convenience benefits of this system in your home.