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F.H. Furr Cares: Volunteering At Capital Area Food Bank

F.H. Furr Cares: Volunteering At Capital Area Food Bank

F.H. Furr has been serving the DMV area for over 40 years! That’s why we feel responsible for staying active in a community that has given us so much. One of the ways we give back is by volunteering at awesome facilities, such as Capital Area Food Bank. 

At F.H. Furr, our employees are honored to volunteer, serve and get involved in their community. One way our Maryland employees give back to their community is by volunteering at Capital Area Food Bank!

The Capital Area Food Bank leads our region’s efforts to supply equitable access to food and opportunity to people struggling with hunger and food insecurity. Each year, they source and distribute food for over 45 million meals!

Our Maryland employees got up early on a Saturday morning and arrived at Capital Area Food Bank to sort produce. From healthy veggies to fresh fruit, they sorted it all! 

Luckily, our technicians are used to physical labor because this was no job for the weak! Music was blasting, and bodies were moving. Let’s just say no one had to go to the gym that day! Capital Area Food Bank later distributed the sorted produce to various food pantries throughout the DMV area.

Here are some photos of the volunteer day:




Not only does F.H. Furr encourage our employees to volunteer and give back to their community, but we also donate 10% of all of our annual profits to local organizations and charities. That’s our commitment to the community we love! To learn more about our F.H. Furr Cares initiative, contact us TODAY! We’d be honored to help out.

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