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How to Flush Your Hot Water Heater!

Ask F.H. Furr

“What is the best way to Eliminate Sediment in Your Water Heater?” – Alex A. of Washington, DC.

Eliminate sediment by following these 10 easy steps:

Step 1: Turn off the circuit breaker that manages the electric heater –OR- if a gas heater, turn off the gas supply.

**Before proceeding to Step 2, allow the unit to cool for an hour or two**

Step 2: Attach a garden hose to the tank’s drain valve; locate a proper area in which to drain

Step 3: Shut off the inlet valve to the cold water located at the top of the tank

Step 4: Open the drain and allow water to flow until the whole tank is empty; shut off the valve

Step 5: Partly refill the tank with cold water

Step 6: Shut off the cold water valve

Step 7: Open the drain and allow the tank to empty; shut off the drain valve

Step 8: Remove air as the tank fills by allowing hot water to flow from the nearest faucet

Step 9: Open the cold water inlet; fill the tank until the hot water faucet runs water.

Step 10: Turn the power at the circuit breaker back on –OR- re-ignite the pilot light (see blog about your pilot light here)

If these steps seem daunting, F.H. Furr is always ready to help you maintain your home’s appliances, allowing them to work effectively and efficiently and adding longevity to your system! We can perform all preventative maintenance on your plumbing, HVAC, and electrical needs, anytime you need us!

We hope this answers your question, Alex!

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