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Electrical Safety: You May Not Realize These Things Pose A Danger

Homeowners within the Northern Virginia area know that electrical safety is important when it comes to their homes! From putting protective covers over their outlets to being sure they have backup circuits on hand, they know their stuff! But what about the little things? Things that could pose electrical safety dangers that you might not consider. We’ve got a list of things you’ll need to keep an eye out for if you consider yourself a safety expert like us!

1. Space Heaters

Space heaters are a convenient solution to the issue of being cold in the winter! They provide immediate heat right at the source. But be cautious when using a space heater, especially an older model. Many home fires and even deaths have been caused due to lack of care when it comes to space heaters. Take precautions, don’t leave it unattended or near anything flammable. If a space heater is necessary, buy one that has safety features built-in!

2. Heat-generating appliances

Electrical safety concerns often find form in places you least expect, like TVs and computers. We’ve all had our computer resting in our lap only to realize it’s overheating and burning our clothing. Items like these need to be protected from flammable fabrics. Simply avoid overheating by keeping a safe distance between your appliance and anything that may cause a fire when overheated.

3. Frayed cords

Frayed cords are simply dangerous. Be it a computer cord, lamp, or otherwise. If the cord is frayed, there is a chance that it could spark when operating. If an item of clothing or a rug is in its path, you could be looking at a potential fire hazard. Make a “no frayed cords” rule your household!

4. Rough-Housing Your Outlets

Now this might seem like a simple one, but we’re not just talking about outlet malfunctions. Your outlets are sensitive, and that means that tugging a cord from the wall can cause issues with the outlet itself. In addition, you should never force a plug into the outlet. Being rough on your electrical spaces can often cause internal issues. Use care with your outlets, be good to them, and they’ll be good to you.

5. Don’t mix wattage

We’ve all been there, considering using the 100-watt in that 60-watt outlet because you don’t have any other bulbs at the moment. Don’t give in, there’s a reason certain wattages go to certain fixtures. Using the incorrect wattage can be dangerous and harmful to your electricity.

For more electrical safety tips, have an electrical inspection performed on your home by F.H. Furr’s awesome technicians. They’re people who know what to look out for, and they’ll be able to give you advice and options on how to handle your home’s electrical needs!

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