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Drain Cleaning Tips & Tricks

We’ve ALL had that pesky drain clog that nags at us. Many times we reach for drain cleaners that are loaded with chemicals because they do work. But did you know that the chemicals in those cleaners might be doing more harm than help in the long run?

Here are some alternative tricks for cleaning drains that might serve you and your home a little better!

Baking soda and vinegar

While this is used quite often for middle school Science experiments, it’s also a great tool for unclogging and cleaning drains! Take 1/3 cup of each, pour together and immediately pour down your drain. Let it sit for at least an hour or even longer if you can. If it’s a bathtub drain, pour the mixture down and then put the stopper over it while it works. Once you’ve let it sit, you’ll want to run hot water through the drain to wash everything away and it should flush through like new!


Yes! If you have a shopvac, sometimes clogs aren’t too tricky and can actually be sucked up and out of the drain! You might need to attach a plunger head or something else to help create a tight seal, but this is a proven method depending on the clog.

HOT Water

If you catch a clog or blockage early enough, sometimes all it can take is some hot boiling water! Use your largest kettle or pot and boil some water, then simply pour it down the drain. It’s the easiest method, but usually only effective if you catch a clog early.


You did read that correctly! Soda (usually regular cola) can be used (with or without adding baking soda) to clean out your drains! Just as it can be used to take up oil stains in a garage or even to clean battery cables, you can also use it down the drains in your home! It works similar to the baking soda and vinegar method and attacks the clog or dirt in the drain to eat away at it and break it up!

Do you have a tried and true method for removing dirt or clogs in your drains? We want to hear about it!
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