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Does Your Plumbing Rely On Your Heating During The Winter?

Most of the population can agree that frigid winter cold just plain sucks! In fact, if your home’s plumbing system could speak, it would wholeheartedly agree. That’s because your plumbing relies heavily on your HVAC system during those freezing days and nights of winter. 

Plumbing’s Winter Woes

Plumbing issues tend to intensify as the weather turns colder. The lower the temperature drops, the more potential for a plumbing problem. We all know what freezing temps do to water, and this causes a severe risk of pipe bursts due to water freezing up inside. While we’ll go into the importance of a functioning heating system to prevent this, we’ve also included three helpful tips to avoid frozen pipes below:

1. Make sure pipes with holes or breaks are repaired so ensure the cold doesn’t reach the water inside.

2. Let the water run out of the pipes to keep it moving (a steady drip during the coldest temperatures is sufficient). Moving water makes it more difficult to freeze over. 

3. Insulate pipes in areas where they might be exposed to winter elements. 

How Heating Saves Your Plumbing

So now that you’ve got a few tips to help prevent freezing, here’s the biggest one: be sure your heating system is working smoothly! 

A home with a faulty heating system in the winter will be cold, of course, and that can cause more than just the discomfort of the homeowner! Your plumbing system relies on that heated air to protect the indoor pipes from freezing over during this season. If your heating system isn’t pumping, it can do a number on those pipes—and did we mention the repercussions of a burst pipe? We’re talking thousands in damages if this happens, so preventing it is 100% necessary. 

Suppose your heating system isn’t functioning at its best, and you’ve been supplementing with heated blankets and space heaters. In that case, we highly suggest having a trained HVAC professional repair or replace your system, depending on the issue. You might be willing to tough it out, but your plumbing system won’t. 

Sometimes all it takes is some maintenance or a few simple repairs to get your heating system up and running again. Not only will it help you avoid serious damage, but you’ll be able to maintain a warm, comfortable temperature. This is healthy for both you and your home! At F.H. Furr, we’re dedicated to your home comfort! Call us this winter if you’re experiencing plumbing or heating issues, and we’ll be there to help solve the problem, guaranteed! 

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