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Do You Need A GFCI Outlet?


Since 1980, GFCI’s are now required in many different rooms of your home, especially those with moisture – washrooms, kitchens, pool areas, etc.

What Is A GFCI? And What Is It's Function?

gfci.jpgGround Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) help prevent burns, electric shocks and electrocution. The GFCI outlet has sensors that monitor the input and output current levels being passed through an outlet. If the GFCI senses any out of balance currentt, then the device will quickly cut off the power supply to prevent damage or injury. A GFCI can detect changes in current supply as minor as a few millamps. GFCI’s are a simply advancement in technology that could potentially save lives or prevent injury to your family.

To make sure your outlet is working, you should test it once a month!

Since water is an excellent electric conductor, GFCIs are important in areas where water and electricity could meet; current codes require that GFCI protection be present in kitchens, bathrooms, exterior plugs, laundry rooms, pool areas and garages.

If you are in the DC metro, Northern Virginia or MD, and need assistance installing a GFCI or determining the appropriate rooms to upgrade your outlet to a GFCI outlet, please contact us today or call us at 888-603-6405.

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