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Aggressive Storm Coming — Be Prepared!

In June 2012, a fierce Derecho storm swept through North America, resulting in millions of power outages across the entire affected region. The storm is remembered in history as one of the most destructive, deadly, and fast-moving thunderstorms to move across North America.

During the June 2012 Derecho, about 1 million Virginia customers lost power. This remains the largest power outage, not related to a hurricane, in the state’s history, and still the third-largest outage after Hurricane Isabel and Hurricane Irene. Many residents were caught off guard, and power companies scrambled to restore power for thousands of homes.

The storm caused immense damage to power lines as trees crashed into them, disabling them for good. Northern Virginians remained in the dark without air conditioning for days on end. Most of us remember this storm and shudder at the thought.

It’s now June 2013, and the next Derecho storm is said to be on its way! Although the storms are still in the prediction stage, it’s likely that we’ll be blasted with yet another ultra-destructive thunderstorm this June. If so, hundreds could be left without power in their homes again.

While people stock up on water, food, and batteries, there’s one item you might want to consider purchasing before the Derecho hits: a whole-home generator.

Check out the latest reports on the Derecho storm.

Whole-home generators are designed to help protect homeowners from storms like the 2012 Derecho. Power outages at any time of year are inconvenient and uncomfortable, but during summer, heat can stifle residents in their homes as they seek to escape the elements. With a Derecho on the way, you may be looking at a multiple-day power outage. Take precautions against the storm.

When this storm comes, you’ll stock up on essentials, chop some low-hanging branches from your trees, move your cars into the garage, and maybe seek shelter in your basement, so why not protect yourself from power outages that are sure to happen? Whole-home generators allow you to keep your home safe and comfortable for prolonged periods without power.

Whole-home generators kick in automatically the moment your power goes out, which means your family can maintain everyday necessities like cooling, refrigeration, and lighting in your home.

Don’t get caught without power! Have F.H. Furr’s knowledgeable technicians come to your home and install the right whole-home generator for you. Derecho 2013 is coming, so be prepared.

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