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Communication is Key.

As you know by now, F.H. Furr takes great pride in being “Absolutely The Best,” and we’ve been personifying that motto since 1981. One of the ways we choose to focus on being better for our customers is through great communication. We believe that communicating clearly and accurately, as well as being up front with our customers, helps keep us stay at the top of our game!

One of the ways we implement this is through morning meetings with our technicians. These meetings serve as both a time for updates and information, as well as a pep rally for their day! We believe that if our technicians are excited about their work, and informed on all of the latest equipment and service updates, it will increase their ability to greet every customer with a smile on their face, and the knowledge they need to answer tough questions.


Our meetings ensure that our technicians are as informed as possible, because we know that we work in an ever-changing industry. There are constant updates with systems and service practices. Our customers can rest assured that their service technician will be prepared for any situation that might arise. 

In addition, these meetings give our technicians a chance to bring up any concerns or questions they might have or any issues they’ve had with recent systems, etc. It also gives us the chance to recognize technicians for awesome achievements.

Another instance where we focus on communication is when we train our technicians to speak with customers regarding their service. We receive compliments all the time on how our technicians use terms and language that our customers can easily understand. It’s great to know that when our technicians are performing a job as large as installing a new system or even as small as fixing a garbage disposal, that they’ll be able to explain it to our customers in a way that they’ll understand instead of using technical jargon that our customers might not hear on a daily basis.

Effective communication helps us keep a good working relationship between everyone throughout the duration of a call! Whether it’s the customer service representative that you speak with when you call in to inquire about service or schedule an appointment, the dispatcher you speak to that calls to let you know your technician is on the way, or the technician that greets you at your front door for service – you can trust that F.H. Furr is armed with some of the friendliest employees with the best communication skills in the business! 

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