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Common Air Conditioning System Problems and How to Get Them Serviced

Common Air Conditioning System Problems and How to Get Them Serviced

Air conditioning problems can affect your comfort and health at home, particularly during the height of the cooling season. Common air conditioning problems can have a range of effects, from a complete shutdown of your A/C to a drastic increase in your cooling bills. If you experience a problem with your home’s HVAC system, calling in an air conditioning expert in Gaithersburg is the best way to restore comfort and energy efficiency quickly to minimize any disruption to your daily life.

Ice Formation

During the height of the cooling season, it’s not unusual for homeowners to report ice formation on their air conditioner’s coils. The most common cause of this problem is dirt and dust buildup, which results in poor airflow through the system and must be cleaned away to prevent further ice formation and improve your air conditioner’s efficiency. Changing your furnace filter to ensure this essential HVAC component is clean can help to restore airflow through your air conditioner and reduce dirt and dust in the system. However, your air conditioner will likely need professional attention to clean out the inside of the appliance as well, so call in your HVAC technician for a maintenance visit to fully eliminate ice formation on your A/C coils.

Drainage Backups

Your air conditioner removes moisture from the air during the cooling process. Thus, air conditioners also contain a drainage system to remove condensation from your home. Clogs in your air conditioner’s drain can cause backups that lead to leaks and standing water beneath or around your air conditioner, which can result in consequences that include water damage to the surrounding area and a complete air conditioning shutdown if too much water is present in the appliance. Preventive maintenance for air conditioner drains includes cleaning the drainpipe with a vacuum or bleach solution. If you have a severe drainage problem or your air conditioner has shut down due to drainage backup overflow, you’ll need a professional HVAC technician to address the problem and reset your air conditioner to restore cooling in your home.

System Failure

Complete air conditioning system failures occur when your air conditioner simply won’t run. A system failure can be caused by many issues, ranging from a broken thermostat to an electrical problem or corrosion inside the air conditioning appliance itself. Because complete system failures can be difficult to diagnose without proper knowledge, it’s best to contact an HVAC service right away for an inspection. Your service technician will be able to find the problem quickly and suggest the best option for repair, often completing repairs during the same visit. In cases where your air conditioning system has failed due to age, your HVAC technician can help you choose a new air conditioning system and install it professionally to ensure you get the best results.

A little maintenance can go a long way toward preventing or minimizing many of the most common air conditioning problems in Gaithersburg, as well as improving the energy efficiency of your home. We invite you to click through our blog for more articles on how to maintain your air conditioner and when to call in a professional for cleaning, repairs, or system replacement to restore your home’s comfort. If you’d like to make an appointment or learn more about the HVAC services and products we offer in Maryland, please visit us on the web to contact us.

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