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Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund-Why They Have Our Support

Over the years, F.H. Furr has maintained it's involvement with local charities, and supports organizations throughout the Northern Virginia, DC, and Maryland areas that they feel are truly giving back to the community.

Recently, we began a partnership with the Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund (CSRF). This very special organization helps our country's severely wounded soldiers on their road to recovery. Their mission is to provide financial aid to American soldiers, sailors, and marines recovering from severe wounds in service of our nation.

When we heard of the organization, we were extremely excited to be a part of it. From the time she founded the organization in 2004, Garland Miller knew she wanted to help wounded veterans. She also realized that many similar organizations weren't donating 100% of the proceeds to the soldiers in need. She created a new model, which is one of the reasons that F.H. Furr is so proud to be in a supporting partnership with Garland and CSRF! Their non profit organization does everything with the soldier's best interests in mind.

What Makes CSRF Different?

Plain and simple; 100% of every donation and sponsorship goes directly into the hands of wounded service men and women. CSRF invests a substantial monetary amount into each and every needy soldier, and this is why they have the full support of F.H. Furr.

They gave 100%, and so CSRF gives 100%. This is a model that F.H. Furr is proud to stand behind. Although well intentioned, many organizations only give a small percentage of their donations to those they've raised them for, but with the support of businesses and volunteers, CSRP promises to continue giving the full donated amounts to wounded soldiers.

If you'd like to learn more about Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund, or get involved, simply click on the link below for more information!

Combat Soldiers Recovery Fund

You can also help fund this amazing cause by "liking" F.H. Furr's Facebook page. From now until May 31, 2015, $1 will be donated for each new "like". Get involved with our partnership, it's easy, and it changes lives!

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