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Ask F.H. Furr: Is it bad to use chemical drain cleaners?

Question submitted by Sadie C. Manassas, VA.

Sadie, chemical drain cleaners are a commonly sought after solution by homeowners to clear up stopped drains. Readily available and accessible, many different brands offer several different formulations that all claim to clear your clog fast. Always advertising the pros of the use of the fix in a bottle, you may not be aware of the dangers of chemical drain cleaners. Simply having the product within your home poses a danger to your health. The Environmental Protection Agency lists drain cleaners as a toxic household poison that should be kept out of reach of children. Sadie, we feel that drain cleaners are definitely a hazard to your health. Here are five reasons not to use chemical drain cleaners and their adverse effects.

  1. Corrosive: Chemical drain cleaners are extremely corrosive. Since the main purpose of their corrosiveness is not just limited to hair, grease and other substances. Drain cleaners pose a threat to plumbing as well as human flesh. Certain chemical components have been known to erode pipes and even eat through skin!
  2. Extremely Toxic: Drain cleaners contain harmful substances that are hazards to your health if swallowed, inhaled or in coming into contact with skin. Having drain cleaner in your home exposes you to the danger of the toxicity of the chemicals found in the ingredients.
  3. Damaging to Fixtures: Since chemical drain cleaner is corrosive and toxic, it poses a threat to your visible pluming fixtures. They are likely to leave pit marks on your sink basin, tarnish your drain coverings, or even damage your faucets, demanding on what chemicals you use.
  4. Prone to Splash: Chemical drain cleaners are made with reactive chemicals, causing them to splash or splatter on your skin or in your eyes.
  5. Highly Reactive: Since chemicals in drain cleaners are highly reactive, this could cause issues if it comes in contact with any other common household chemicals, such as bleach, creating a poisonous fume.

We’re glad you asked us this important question. Steering clear of dangerous chemicals in your home is a must. We advise using natural remedies, or calling in the professionals when you’re out of options that aren’t harmful to you and your home!

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