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Before You Replace Your Garbage Disposal, Consider This

Before You Replace Your Garbage Disposal, Consider This

When buying or replacing your Garbage Disposal there are many things to consider. In the end the goal is to have an efficient working model and not have it cost a fortune. Listed below are factors to consider before disposing your well-earned cash for a sub-par garbage disposer:

  • Plumbing system compatibility. See if your plumbing and sewer hookups are compatible with a disposer and if so, what kind.
  • The type of garbage disposal. There are two common types of garbage disposers. A continuous feed model will run as long as you leave the switch on. Batch feed models only run when the disposer cover is in place, allowing you to dispose of a limited amount of food at a time. Continuous feed models are the most common. They allow for disposal of more waste at one time. 
  • The power of the garbage disposal. Disposers range from one-fourth horsepower motors to one horsepower motors. The amount of horsepower has the largest impact on cost. Think about the size of your household and how much waste you’ll be disposing before investing in a high-horsepower model. 
  • Dishwasher drain connection. This allows food particles in the dishwasher to be ground up and flushed out through the disposal system. 
  • Disposer materials. Disposers with stainless steel components help prevent corrosion. If you’re building a new home or want to delay future repairs, consider investing in one of these longer-lasting disposers. 
  • Noise level. Disposers have the potential to be extremely loud. Consider the environment you want in and around the kitchen. Low-volume disposers are available but they generally cost more.

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