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Hailey Knepp

Recent Posts by Hailey Knepp:

Why Your Home Needs Electrical Maintenance

It's important to keep your home's maintenance in all areas up to date to ensure your safety and help save you money. Electrical maintenance will prevent problems before they can occur, boosting the performance of your electrical system while also protecting your home and family. Keeping up with your home’s electrical maintenance needs will ensure your electrical system is in good condition, all while improving the value and comfort of your home. Our F.H. Furr electricians can help you with any electrical maintenance, repair or upgrade to meet all your home’s needs. 

Topics: Electrical

Myths About Solar Panels (INFOGRAPHIC)

Over the past few years Solar Panels have become more and more popular. However, a lot of people make assumptions about them and don't truly know how they function. Listed below are the most common myths about Solar Panels.

Topics: solar panels

Why You Should Consider Having A Ventilator Installed In Your Home


Do you love opening your windows to let in that fresh air that only lasts a week or two? If you want that same feeling throughout the year but know that opening your windows will let in the muggy heat, airborne pollen andother particles, fill it with cleaner, naturally ventilated air instead! Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV) draw air from outside while expelling odors, chemicals and contaminants from your home. This helps bring clean air inside, while eliminating stale air that hovers in the house—moving it outdoors.

Topics: Ventilation ventilator

Stay Cool With All The Air Conditioning Services We Offer

Today’s high-efficiency systems can cut your HVAC costs up to 107 percent and pay for themselves in lower AC and heating bills within several years. You’ll enjoy greater comfort at home while using less energy. Check out our Cooling Services below to see what we offer. 

Topics: service Air Conditioning

What You Don't Know About Dirty Air Filters (INFOGRAPHIC)

Your Indoor Air Quality is very important for your family's health, as well as a happy home. Having a dirty air filter can cause so many problems and increase your energy bills. Listed below are some of the reasons why you should keep your air filters clean and up to date.

Topics: Indoor Air Quality

Our Electrical Services

We know that your home’s electricity is vital to your comfort, and proper installation is a necessity when it comes to safety! Now that you know you can call on us for ALL of your home’s service needs, find out what we can do for you! Listed below are our Electrical Services and briefly what each entail.

Topics: Electrical

Our Plumbing Services

F.H.Furr offers a wide variety of services. Listed below are our Plumbing Services and breifly what each entail.

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Our Indoor Air Quality Services

The air that your family breathes outside could be cleaner then what they’re breathing inside. It’s a crazy reality, but these days, Indoor Air Quality can actually aggravate allergies as much as the air outside that is breeding the pollutants. To ensure your air is clean check out some of our Indoor Air Quality Services. Listed below are each service we provide with a brief description of what each entail. 

Topics: Indoor Air Quality

How To Improve Your Indoor Air Quality [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your home's Indoor Air Quality is very important for a happy home. Indoor Air Quality can affect your allergies, asthma and more. To ensure your health is out of harms way, check out the infographic below on how to improve your Indoor Air Quality. 

Topics: Indoor Air Quality

Five Essential Home Plumbing Tools [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wonder exactly which tools to add to your home collection? While the number of tools are plentiful and the tasks each are made for are even more numerous, sticking to the basic essentials are key for every homeowner. Unless you are more skilled, have more technical knowledge and/or repair know-how, these five essential plumbing tools will make sure you have what you need for a speedy home repair when you need it.

Topics: plumbing tools