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6 Signs That You Water Heater Is On The Brink Of A Breakdown!

Most homeowners notice there’s an issue with their water heater when the water just stops running hot! The downside of noticing the problem late is that once there’s no more hot water, that usually means there’s a pretty big issue to fix. The best way to keep your water heater running hotter longer is to take note of signs that appear early on that warn you if it’s going downhill!

In the summer, you might not notice or care if the water is more warm than hot, but during these cold winter months, you’re going to want piping hot water for your baths and showers—not to mention laundry and other household cleaning needs. When water heaters are on the brink of a breakdown, they often exhibit one or more of these signals that you should take note of:

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Ask Furr: What Should My Thermostat Be Set To During The Winter?

What should my thermostat be set to during the winter? I want to be comfortable but I also want to save money. Question submitted by Ashley P., Herndon, VA

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Winter Allergies....And How To Prevent Them!

Most of us consider allergies to be a spring and fall problem, but for many who find themselves with runny noses, itchy eyes, sore throats and incessant sneezing during the winter…they’re looking for a way to make things a little more tolerable! 

Normal spring and fall allergies are a common response to outdoor allergens like ragweed and pollen, the difference between those seasonal allergies and winter allergies is that winter symptoms are triggered by substances INSIDE the home. Substances like mites, mold, pet dander or dust can make winter life miserable! While these issues are usually lurking year round, they affect you more during the winter due to the fact that you’re shut into the house with all of the windows closed and your furnace potentially circulating more than than it does during more mild weather.

Furnace, Boiler, Heat Pump…What’s The Difference?

During the winter months, there’s no better feeling than coming inside from the frigid temperatures and experiencing that blast of cozy, heated air to greet you. Well winter is officially here, and maintaining your heating system is important if you want it to continue pumping that warm air throughout your house—the thing is, not all heating systems are the same, in fact, there are three different types: furnace, boiler, and heat pump. This can be confusing, but it’s important to know what type of system you have so that you and your HVAC professional can maintain it properly. Additionally, if you’re in the market for a new heating system, we’ve added a few pros and cons to each unit description to help you decide which might be right for your home. Here’s the lowdown on furnaces vs. boilers vs. heat pumps!

How To Reignite Your Gas Water Heater Pilot Light

So your gas water heater stopped heating your water? What a nightmare! Before you give in to cold showers or call your local plumber, consider one simple component of your system that might fix it all. Your pilot light! Unless you have an automatic pilot light, gas water heater pilot lights must be manually reignited if they go out. There are several different reasons your pilot light might have been extinguished, including faulty thermocouple (the component of your water heater that senses when your pilot light is lit), not enough combustible air, or the flame was simply blown out due to a draft. No matter the issue, it’s a good idea to let your plumber know during their annual maintenance that the pilot light went out and you had to reignite it. If it continues to go out, call in your trusted plumber to determine the issue and fix it!

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What Is A Short Circuit And How Can You Prevent It?

We’ve all experienced this at some point, or at least seen it in the movies; the power goes out, someone yells “Must be a short, I’ll check the circuit breaker!”  Short circuits are actually fairly common, but they can be dangerous and a warning sign of an electrical hazard, so it’s important to know what short circuits are and how you can prevent them in your home! 

What IS A Short Circuit?

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Fight Covid This Season With A Humidifier!

We're coming up on flu season and the world is still reeling from the effects of Covid-19! We're all doing our best to avoid serious viruses, and humidity can help!

While most people would identify cold weather as the cause of winter illnesses like the flu and pneumonia, it’s actually the dryness of the air that spreads it so ferociously. Less water in the air allows viruses like Covid-19 and the flu to survive longer. If your home’s air is too dry, there is a greater chance of catching something and having it stick to your airways...all because of a lack of humidity. A simple fix is a Whole-Home Humidifier when fighting against Covid and the flu this season!

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Two Unlikely Home Remedies for Clogged Drains!

So you’ve discovered a clog in your sink or tub drain? Don’t panic, it happens to the best of us! Clogged drains are an extremely common occurrence in most households, although some are worse than others, many are easy to fix with these home remedies!

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Feel The Love 2020

  We Proudly Participated In Lennox's "Feel The Love" Program Once Again, And We Were Thrilled To Help Our New Friend Shelley Bring Warmth Back To Her Home!

As a premier Lennox dealer, we were honored to have been asked to participate in Lennox's "Feel The Love" program once again this year! This event helps to provide heating and cooling to families and individuals who have served their community selflessly, but don't have the means to heat their homes. That's where we come in! Lennox donates a brand new, high efficiency HVAC system and F.H. Furr installs it, all at no charge.
Friends, family, and neighbors all submit nominations for people and families that they feel are in critical need of a new HVAC system. We read through all of their stories and go through criteria that qualifies them to receive the system! This year's finalist was our new friend, Shelley! She's been a pillar in the community for many years, serving with over a dozen charities, many of them military and veteran-focused. Two of the organizations she works closest with are   Operation Enduring Warrior, and   Leashes of Valor. Shelley has given so much of her time, effort, and finances to these causes she loves, all while putting her kids through college, but life has had its challenges! Up until her friend, Brian nominated her for this new system, she hadn't had heating or cooling in her home for six years! Most of us can't imagine going a week without heating and A/C! Fortunately, our team was there to save the day! 
Our team arrived with smiles, ready to work! They began by introducing themselves to Shelley, discussing the details of the day and laying out a game-plan. From there, they began the process of removing the old, broken system! Once that was removed, they went to work replacing it with a brand new, Lennox system! While they did their work diligently and precisely, they were also timely, making sure that they worked as a team to get the job done right! 
Throughout the day, Shelley told us stories about the charities and soldiers that were close to her heart. She talked about her children, her life, and the difficulties she'd encountered over the years. She felt emotion as she thought of her friend who nominated her for this incredible gift, and she expressed her gratitude for our willingness to be involved in this program that had given her something to truly enrich her life. 
After the system was installed, the team cleaned up their work area, made sure Shelley's questions were all answered, and drove off after a day of hard work. While this installation likely didn't feel that different from others, it truly was! Events like these truly make us realize why we do what we do! 
We believe that heating and cooling is a necessity that everyone should have access to. We were grateful to have had the opportunity to bring it to Shelley!

Feel The Love™ 2020

Times have been challenging, and we believe that everyone deserves home comfort!

F.H. Furr has once again partnered with Lennox for the Feel The Love program, providing a heating and cooling system to a deserving family, teacher, first responder, nurse, or police officer in need of a helping hand, absolutely free!

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