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With all the information on the internet it is hard to determine what’s really true and what’s just an old wive’s tale. In order to maintain a comfortable and efficient home, it’s important to be able to spot the snake oil! Here are 5 HVAC myths that we’ve officially busted so that you never need to wonder again! 

MYTH 1: There’s no need to change your HVAC system’s filters regularly.

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D.I.Y Tips For Pipe Insulation

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Are Window A/C Units Leaving You With High Electric Bills?

We all know that summer heat can be brutal, and without air conditioning, it’s downright dangerous. 

For homeowners whose HVAC systems have recently bit the dust, the thought of installing a central air conditioning system can seem overwhelming, expensive, and time-consuming. You might think that utilizing a window unit is cheaper, easier to install, and doesn't require a service technician, and you’d be right if you only need one window unit. However, if you need 2 or 3 window units to cool an entire house, they quickly surpass the energy consumption costs that a whole home HVAC unit would use.

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Easy Way To Clean Grout!

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When It Comes To Replacing Your HVAC Equiptment, Remember These 3 Tips!

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Two Reasons Why Your A/C May Stop Working This Summer!

Your air conditioning unit is like a marathon runner. It has demands to meet, no matter how rigorous the obstacles are. One of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner is a hot house in the dead of summer. 

How Does Your Air Conditioner Work?

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Don't Be A Victim To Water Damage!

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F.H. Furr Cares!

We’re proud to give back and be a part of the community we serve!

F.H. Furr has been a family owned and operated company servicing the Northern Virginia area for over 35 years! That’s why we feel the responsibility to stay active in our community! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to partner, sponsor and contribute to numerous charities and organizations throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC!

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Five Essential Home Plumbing Tools!

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Happy Birthday America!

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