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Alex B

Recent Posts by Alex B:

Infographic: Most Common Plumbing Problems For Homeowners!

Plumbing issues come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but here are the most common problems homeowners face!

Infographic: Brief History Of Plumbing!

Fun facts about the history of plumbing!

Topics: plumbing

Infographic: 5 HVAC Facts

5 HVAC facts that could save you money!

Topics: hvac service HVAC Maintenance Facts

Infographic: Nest Thermostat!

Your home keeps you safe, warm and comfortable. But what if it could do more? Nest learns the temperature you like when you’re home. And turns itself down when you’re away. It controls half your energy bill - more than appliances, more than electronics.

Topics: HVAC nest thermostat

Ask A Trainer: Are Your Electrical Outlets Dangerous?

Did you know electrical issues are one of the most common causes of household fires?

Topics: Household Tips Electrician electrical fires

Infographic: 4 Tips For Indoor Electrical Safety!

4 electrical tips to help keep you and your family safe! 


Topics: tips Electrician Outlet Upgrade

Infographic: Trade Careers!

Have you considered a career in a skilled trade? Here are 5 reasons why it's a good idea!


Topics: plumbing Electrical HVAC Technician

Infographic: 5 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Replacing Their HVAC Systems!

So your HVAC system finally bit the dust, huh? We know that’s a bad feeling, especially when you weren’t expecting such a huge appliance replacement.


Topics: HVAC System HVAC Homeowners

Ask A Trainer: When should you change your air filter?

Do you know how often your home's HVAC filter should be changed? Our experienced trainers are answering this question in our Ask A Trainer video series today!

Topics: Indoor Air Quality HVAC Maintenance air filters

Infographic: 5 Reasons Why You Might Hear A Buzzing Sound In The Walls!

The first step to fixing this issue is identifying the source of the sound. Is it in a particular area of the room? Is it in multiple rooms? Information like this can help when you have your electrician come to your home to assess the noise. 

Topics: Electrical Electrical Hazard Detection Test