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Alex B

Recent Posts by Alex B:

Infographic: Ask Furr

We created a list of our top 4 questions we have gotten over the years! #AskFurr

Topics: AskFurr questions and answers

Infographic: 4 Ways To Prevent Winter Allergies!

Many find themselves with runny noses, itchy eyes, sore throats and incessant sneezing during the winter and they’re looking for a way to make things a little more tolerable! Here are a few suggestions! 

Topics: Whole Home Humidifier Winter Is Coming Allergies

Infographic: Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Boilers...OH MY!

The type of heating system you have in your home can help you answer questions about problem areas and maintenance. Knowing about these systems can also help you determine the right one for your home. When considering the best options, several factors should include the size of the home, the climate, budgetary restrictions, even the design of your home. One of our technicians can help you choose the best heating system for your needs, or maintain your current unit so it runs smoothly all winter long!

Topics: furnace Heat Pumps boilers

Infographic: 4 Plumbing Resolutions

4 Plumbing Resolutions to kick off 2021!

Topics: plumbing maintenance Plumbing

Infographic: Heating System Statistics!

No matter what kind of heating system you have, it should be inspected, cleaned and serviced at least once a year! 🛠️ 


Topics: hvac service HVAC Maintenance HVAC

Infographic: Four Tips On Hanging Christmas Lights Safely!

Here are some safety tips for hanging your Christmas lights! 💡🎄


Topics: Decorative Lights

Infographic: 4 Ways Humidity Is Beneficial For You And Your Home!

Here are 4 benefits to having a whole home humidifier in your home!


Infographic: D.I.Y Cleaner For Your Garbage Disposal

Does your garbage disposal give off an unpleasant smell🤢? Here is a D.I.Y cleaner that will help eliminate food and grime build-up!

Topics: garbage disposal

Infographic: Common Problems That Happen On Thanksgiving 🏠

These common problems that happen on Thanksgiving. Watch what does down your garbage disposal, make sure you get your HVAC checked, don't overload your outlets, and watch how much toilet paper goes down the toilet! 

Topics: thanksgiving Electrical Outlets Clogged Toilet

Infographic: 4 Signs Your Toilet Isn't Ready For The Holidays

Is your toilet ready for the holidays? Even if you're planning a smaller gathering this year, it's still a good idea to make sure your toilet is ready to handle a few extra guests!