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Ask Furr: I think my garbage disposal is stuck, what do I do?

Ask Furr: I think my garbage disposal is stuck, what do I do?

“I think my garbage disposal is stuck; what do I do?” Question submitted by Laura W. Fair Lakes, VA

Garbage disposals can be finicky. One minute you’re washing the dishes (which you should be applauded for because, let’s face it, no one likes doing dishes); the next, you’re flipping the switch and hearing the sound of a muted motor. To all those who despise washing the dishes, this is a terrifying sound! Imagine the inconvenience of washing dishes AND having to throw away food. That handy hole in the sink (that magically does away with the food you wanted to eat but knew you shouldn’t) is a time saver. So when you find that your garbage disposer is stuck, you need to take action! Let’s face it, you might have to call in an expert, but before you do, try to fix the disposal yourself using these steps! They’re as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step One: unplug the unit or turn off the circuit breaker for safety purposes. You never want to place your hand in the sink when there’s a potential for the power to turn on accidentally.

Step Two: check under the sink and locate your garbage disposal; it’ll be simple to spot. You might want to lay something on the ground because you’ll need to squeeze under the sink to check the bottom of the disposal for a hex-shaped hole. If you find one, grab a hex wrench that fits into it and force it back and forth in both directions a few times to free the impellers. Many times, this will free jams caused by food blockage.

Step Three: If your disposal doesn’t have a hex hole or you don’t have a hex wrench handy, be sure the power is disconnected and put a broomstick into the disposal. Force it against the stuck blade, and try to rotate the impeller back and forth.

There you have it, folks. We have seen this method work on multiple occasions, but for those of you who attempt it and still find that your garbage disposal is giving off that hated sound of “not working,” give F.H. Furr a call! We’ll send a plumber to your home for free without dispatch or diagnostic fees! Once we determine the problem, we’ll fix it for you; no problem! Remember, safety comes first, so if you have any questions, call us; our knowledge, experience, and professionalism will have you calling us for all of your home comfort needs!

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