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Ask F.H. Furr: I Think I Have an HVAC Freon Leak. What Should I Do?

“I think I have an HVAC Freon leak…what should I do?”

Question submitted by: Amy L. in Bristow, VA

It’s almost summer, and you probably began to feel the start of the heat seeping into your home when the AC was turned off. If you turned it on for the first time this week, you might have noticed it wasn’t pumping cool air the way you expected. Within a day, you may have felt your home turn into a sauna, trapping the warm air inside and making it nearly impossible to sleep.

Depending on why you think you have a leak, there are several options. If you’ve diagnosed your HVAC system failure online and come up with the Freon leak option, you may be right, but we’d still advise you to have a licensed professional inspect your system to help you confirm or discover the issue.

If an HVAC technician tells you that you have a Freon leak, they should also give you options about your next steps. It’s important to be sure you’re getting advice from a reputable HVAC company. This will save you time, money, and discomfort!

Freon Leak? What Are Your Options?

Unfortunately, Freon leaks can be a common issue, especially in HVAC systems that are builder-grade or older models. Depending on the leak, it could take years for it to run out, or weeks. Your options are simple:

Option 1: You can have an HVAC professional top off your Freon and see how long it lasts, which could be years or days. Some systems with slow leaks can last a season or two with the topped-off Freon, while others could be right back in the position they were in within a short time.

Option 2: You can repair the leak. Depending on where the leak is, the cost will vary. Although this is a more expensive route, if you have the means, it’s a more stable route to take. The repairs will prevent the leak from continuing and will give you the assurance that your system won’t be breaking down at any moment, leaving you suffering in the heat.

Call F.H. Furr. Our trained technicians are ready and willing to help explain the best steps to take for you and your home.

Tip: Did You Know Hanging Pictures, Shelves, Etc. on Your Wall Could Cause a Leak?

Here’s a tip, depending on where your HVAC system is in the home: Be careful where you hang pictures, shelving, or other items that could put a nail in contact with a coil. Many homeowners have unknowingly caused their own coil leaks simply by hanging up a family photo.

Ask your technician where your coils are likely hidden and avoid this simple mistake.

We’re always here for our customers. Diagnosing their problems and giving advice and options on how to realistically move forward is what we strive to do!

Stay cool this summer, and schedule a 25-point maintenance inspection to avoid costly leaks and breakdowns.

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